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Author Topic: [ANN][WIP] Bitmarket Network Client [Hiring!]  (Read 203 times)


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[ANN][WIP] Bitmarket Network Client [Hiring!]
« on: January 14, 2021, 04:22:00 PM »

Bitmarket Network Client is an open source multi-currency wallet
The wallet is still in development, while the alpha builds are available via Github

  • Security features include protection from Bruteforce and 2FA to keep funds safe;
  • Quick synchronization with all currencies;
  • Cross-platform (currently only Windows, Linux and Mac is supported with mobile OS support in development);
  • Display of the fiat value of crypto via multiple sources;
  • No registration or KYC;
  • Open source code that confirms your private keys are securely stored on your local machine;
  • Mnemonic keyphrase generation to allow you access your wallet at any given time;
  • No option of impact on the client application by developers.

Further development

Currently the project is in the Alpha Client stage, with the eventual launch of the marketing and further development.
The client will be updated towards improvement of security, multi-os compatibility, performance and optimizations.
After the development stage there will be a monetization of the project in exchange services and other commission based features.


The project is hiring developers and other professionals who can benefit in the development and marketing of the project.
If you believe you can help the project -- please apply by contacting [email protected]
Security of private keys storage and irrelevance of bruteforce (with current busting capabilities), including the possibility of including 2-factor authorization

Please feel free to review our code, compile and test the program, and leave your questions and comments in the topic.

Please note the project is still in development stage and should not be used as a complete product


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