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Author Topic: Earn Ethereum Via Sophisticated Trading Bot On Tecnieum  (Read 94 times)


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Earn Ethereum Via Sophisticated Trading Bot On Tecnieum
« on: January 03, 2021, 01:30:51 PM »
Earn Ethereum Via Sophisticated Trading Bot On Tecnieum

Since the advent of blockchain technology, Ethereum smart contract has so many use cases that have benefited crypto enthusiasts. While there are lots of smart contract-powered investments, one that is offering royalty to Ethereum holders is Tecnieum.

What is Tecnieum?

Tecnieum is a Blockchain based Decentralized Application that runs on Ethereum Smart Contract Network for Ethereum Investors with a Contract Address: 0x93d46cb0c4980c93e227ee0e094187e9d57f49de. We offer a Blockchain Technology Royalty for Ethereum Investors by allowing our sophisticated Bot trade for Ethereum users

Tecnieum uses technical indicators like Fibonacci Theorem, Exponential Moving Average, Bollinger Band, as well as, Relative Stock Index to trade the cryptocurrency market for profits. They also trade simple Arbitrage, Rectangle Arbitrage, and Triangular Arbitrage.

How Does It Work?

Tecnieum trade with the sophisticated Trading Bot that uses past data, Machine Learning (AI), Mathematical Algorithm and Technical Analysis to analyze and predict the Market. We trade only Ethereum Pairs.

Royal Plan Structure

Tecnieum has 4 Royalty plan structures. For plan number one, when you invest at least 0.1ETH, you can earn a daily bonus of 3-20%. For plan number two, when you invest between 0.1ETH and 10ETH, you would be rewarded with a daily bonus of 3-3.5% on your investment.

For plan number three, invest anything between 10ETH and 50ETH and you would be rewarded with a daily bonus of 5-7% on your investment. For plan number four, you would be rewarded with a monthly bonus of 10-15%, when you invest anything between 50ETH and 200 ETH.

Please, note that weekends are not included.

Referral Commission

As a way to further reward loyalty, Tecnieum offers a 5% referral bonus to users who are able to convince their friends and family members to join the train.

Tecnieum Sophisticated Trading Bot

Tecnieum is the name of pure class and quality, and to confirm that is the result through the follow link of the Sophisticated Trading bot:

So register today via the link, and Tecnieum allows you to increase your Ethereum coins!


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Re: Earn Ethereum Via Sophisticated Trading Bot On Tecnieum
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 08:33:36 AM »
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