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Author Topic: Please listen my story, help the broken guy  (Read 141 times)


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Please listen my story, help the broken guy
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:42:23 PM »
Please, listen to my story before you start judging me…

I apologize to all of you for begging in advance, I've never done this in my life, but I would never want to burden my family, friends, neighbors, because thats what I’m, what I always be, I don't want others to worry about me, they already have enough of own problems, I will try to use this anonymous market, because I still believe in the power of humanity, so why not try it.

Please don't write what a naive idiot I am, a cheater, I know what it sounds like, but I've been through an incredible crisis in the last month and desperate people are doing desperate deeds, listen to my story before you start judging me… .and then try to decide with your heart.
I will tell you my life story of 2020, the worst year ever.

I am from the Czech Republic, and in this time of coronavirus crisis, our government is making an incredible dirty trick to all our citizens. Due to the coronavirus crisis the government closed certain companies, certain institutions for over 6 months due to government regulations. Many people didn't make it and unfortunately I didn't either. For the whole 6 months, I tried to donate the closed company, to pay my employees from my own pocket, even though they must stay at home, so that they could feed their families. But unfortunately our government coughed on us and left us alone. I didn't make it either, 1.12.2020 my company went bankrupt, the company was not big yet, I'm still young… I got into debt if I still believed in the help of the government and in the end I had to leave this sinking ship. I must have left my people at bay.

But this year is really special for me. On 16.12.2020 my father unexpectedly died of lung failure due to coronavirusat of the age 52. A huge man with a big heart, who has many friends because of his heart, who really didn't deserve to leave this world so soon. I have to tell you, I haven't really had a worse Christmas.

And finally the icing on the cake came, 27.12.2020 my longtime girlfriend left me, she ended a 6-year relationship… She loved me and I loved her, but she probably just couldn't handle it, she couldn't handle my crisis and I can't blame her…
I was depressed, I wanted to reach for life, I had to find salvation with God, to don’t do this decision, but even he can't help me with everything. But with the new year, i decided to give it a try, try to get out of it.

If there is anyone, anyone, who could help me with even a small BTC, they have no idea how it will help me. For some of you it may be a small amount, but it will save my life ....I need to get back on my feet, to support my former employees, show my family, my lost love, that I'm out of it, that the smiling man who has always been here for everyone is back on his feet.

Please, anyone, help me this way. Thank you, thank you all of you who get mercy with me….

My BTC wallet, I created it for the new year, hope well, I don't have much experience with it.


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