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Author Topic: Betfury - Crypto Casino and passive income daily  (Read 218 times)


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Betfury - Crypto Casino and passive income daily
« on: December 04, 2020, 05:44:04 PM »
BetFury is not a traditional crypto casino.  Betfury is a hybrid i-gaming platform.  Based on the Tron blockchain with a combination of traditional gambling practices, Betfury provides a unique gaming experience for our users.  There are basically 4 types of games in BetFury.  Namly In House games, slots, casinos and table games.  With these 4 types comes many different games like Dice, Crash, Plinko, Round, Auction, etc.

 Here are the best features of Betfury.


 The in-house TRC-20 token and profit-sharing system provide revenue generation services for all Betfury token holders.  players can dig up the Betfury token by playing games and earning extra coins while holding.  Then these coins can also be used to play a real-time multiplayer auction to win a bunch of TRX.

  Rank system

 BetFury offers an attractive VIP program with many benefits for players.  Players start their journey from 1st rank (beginner), the more they bet, the higher rank they will reach.  Players with VIP rank will be rewarded with additional prizes and unique promotions.

  Cashback up to 25%

 The main feature of BetFury is the Cashback system.  This is a unique feature of betfusr for the Tron i-Gaming platform.  Cashback is available to all users and can be received twice a week.  The return is calculated automatically depending on the amount of loss of an individual user per week.  Users can get up to 25% of the lost funds for one gaming session.

  Hourly bonus

 Every hour, the most active BetFury users are rewarded with a special Hourly Bonus.  The more you play, the more chance you get an extra bonus every hour.  Users took placed according to the bet amount for 1 hour.


 Players have the opportunity to win the Jackpot while placing bets in each internal game.  We have developed a unique mechanism for each of them.  Follow us to learn more in future posts.


 To make the gameplay more difficult, Betfury has implemented an achievement system.  Achievements are game trophies that players can earn by accomplishing various goals during their trip to BetFury.  Achievements are stored in the Profile tab.  Players can also see each other's latest achievements in the rankings.

  Daily tasks

 To make the gameplay more interesting and challenging, Betfury performs daily tasks.  Daily tasks related to gaming activity in various games and users will be rewarded with additional coins by filling them.

 Minimum bet 0.1 TRX
 Absolutely exclusive minimum bet on the Tron i-gaming market.  Any small player can join the game.  You can start with a low risk.

 Additional features in well-known games!  Play indoor games and win extra coins with the Jackpot!



 Received in the wallet


 Registration link -

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Re: Betfury - Crypto Casino and passive income daily
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2021, 08:07:44 PM »
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