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Author Topic: Flare Finance - Decentralized Finance Platform - Samurai Program [$6,500 USDT]  (Read 61 times)


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Flare Finance Samurai Program

The way of the samurai comes with great benefits and praise. Taking part in the Flare Finance Samurai Program shows your loyalty to the growth and expansion that is the future Flare Finance Empire. A samurai can take part in any number of activities to help promote the growth oft he empire. Doing so earns you entry points, and the more entry points one has, the higher their ranking in the Order of the Samurai. The above banner contains information on the prices and the ranks associated with the prizes.

Flare Finance is the first institutional grade decentralized finance platform delivering truly trustless experience on the Flare Network, a new Turing complete smart contract platform, based on the Avalanche Protocol. Flare Finance delivers the first means to earn trustless yield on your XRP and FLR holdings through smart contracts.

Flare Finance delivers 6 unique products to the Flare Ecosystem including FlareX (Swaps), FlareFarm (Yield Mining), FlareWrap (ETH-FLR Bridge), FlareLoans (Asset-Backed Loans), FlareMutual (Peer to Peer Insurance Mutual Fund), and FlareMine (Yield Mining).

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