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Author Topic: ** MASTERSTAKECOIN - The decentralized currency that came to change concepts **  (Read 266 times)


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                                                                                 MASTER STAKE COIN

Master Stake Coin - The MSC is based on the X11 POW / MN algorithm, which offers instant privacy-protected transactions worldwide and non-traceable encrypted payment transfers with almost zero processing fees on the end-user's decentralized network. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that mainly use unambiguous signatures to verify the transfer.

Name: MasterStakeCoin
Ticker: MSC
MAX_MONEY = 2750000
PRE_MONEY = 500000
Block time: ~5 Minutes
TX maturity: 15 blocks
Masternode Confirmation: 15 blocks
Algorithm: X11 Pow/MN
Colateral: 2500 Coins
Block Reward: 15 Coins
Reward Masternode: 50%
Reward SuperBlock: 1%
Reward Pow: 50%
Port: 29335
rpcPort: 29336


                                                                                    ⭐⭐Why should I buy MSC⭐⭐

Master Stake Coin is coming to innovate in inserting new business strategies and covering new markets with cryptocurrencies, thus giving new forms of payments for its virtual transactions.

The currency is already listed on Unnamed.Exchange in several pairs, with main movement in the Dogecoin pair, soon we will list on more exchanges that use the DOGE market and, in the future, will be on larger exchanges.

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