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Author Topic: NextEarth - NFT Metaverse - 40$ of lands free for social rewards, just be active  (Read 22 times)


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Buy the best places now! Metaverse and virtual land ownership are super hot!
NFT based, transparent digital land purchasing platform without a middle-man. Instantly buying selling land, directly from your wallet. NextEarth is running on the Binance smart chain - but compatible with almost all blockchains and it's already coded !
The idea of owning virtual land is a concept that has been around since the inception of MMORPGs. However, the idea of a truly decentralized
virtual world and economy that is based on a copy of the real world, has never been attempted. The goal of this project is to create a transparent virtual land platform, governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which will allow for the purchasing and trading of virtual land NFTs without a
middle-man. One NFT will represent one hundred square meters of the Earth’s surface. Users can purchase NFTs only via a crypto gateway, inorder to foster the broader adoption of cryptocurrency.

The Earth is divided into 10x10 meter squares called tiles. Anyone can look at the surface of the entire planet with Google Earth maps, and buy any free land tile they wish, becoming a landowner on Next Earth. As more land is bought, the price will increase for new land purchases. If a user wants to purchase land that is already taken, they can place a bid and wait for a decision from the land’s owner. Next Earth has developed a marketplace for land, which will be available starting on the 27th of September 2021. This platform will provide opportunities for owners to sell their land for the price they choose, and to buyers who are looking for an opportunity to invest in a certain piece of land. The distribution of land is crucial, as it lays the groundwork for future phases of the project.
A digital ecosystem will be created, where users and businesses will use the full scale potential of a virtual world. Real-world businesses will be created inside Next Earth, and brought to this economy, from outside of the ecosystem too. This way, Next Earth’s ecosystem will be evolving into the virtual sales and marketing platform it was intended to become. Here, these businesses will be able to reach out to many users, and also profit from valuable, unique and well-known locations where they can set up their operations, whether it’s doing business in the White House, or other famous locations. These businesses will be useful for the community, not only by providing a colorful spectrum of services, but also by creating revenue for the community-owned Next Earth, since their income will be coming from outside the system, and will mean additional income for this ecosystem. The more businesses place their virtual headquarters and operations on this platform, the more new customers will be brought in, and the platform will strengthen further. Avatars can be created and users will be able to use these for interaction with other users and with the complete Next Earth ecosystem. We believe that virtual businesses will be a widespread phenomena in the upcoming years and decades. In the future, virtual businesses will be present on many different virtual platforms, so as to be able to reach as many users as possible. Eventually, we will work on interconnecting these platforms.
TOKENOMICS - Additional content coming Soon
• Next Earth Token
• Staking
To stake a token is to lock it up for some period of time (usually a month or more) as a show of faith in the network. The staker will be rewarded for their cooperation with interest payments, and block rewards. When they are done staking, they can withdraw their tokens normally without any delay. When a token is staked, it is locked up in a smart contract and the owner does not have control over it for a certain period of time. In return, they receive rewards proportional to the amount of tokens they stake relative to the total supply. Next Earth’s token is used to buy parcels of land, resources, and other virtual items. Staking your Next Earth tokens will yield “land appreciation rewards” equivalent to 25% of the appreciation of the parcel’s value over a 1-year period.

quote : "We are distributing up to 75% of the land incometo the community. Up to 40% in commission, 20% for stake rewards, 5% token burn. Also a whopping 10% of all new land sold will be sent to environmental charity support, with which we aim to become the biggest charity project in terms of amount donated."
An other important aspect, is the Community. NE devs are very concerned about their community and want to reward them a much as they can

ACTIVITY REWARDS - 2 options how to earn $ and much more :
INCOME FROM Land purchase - Up to 35% (30% commission and 5% discount)
the value of new land purchases that use a referral code will be distributed. The amount of commission depends on the traffic already generated by the referral code. The more traffic the given user generates via its referral code, the higher the commission percentage will be allocated to that user’s referral code. 10% (5% commission and 5% discount) will be distributed to all Next Earth landowners. 12% (7% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 1,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth.
• 15% (10% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 5,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth.
• 20% (15% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 10,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth.
• 25% (20% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 20,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth.
• 30% (25% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 50,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth.
• 35% (30% commission and 5% discount) will be given as referral codes to users who referred more than 100,000 USDT worth of traffic to Next Earth. 
• 20% of the value of all new land traffic will be distributed as a stake reward, and 5% of the value of all new land purchases will be burned from the circulating supply.
Some people have made around 50-60k $ just with referral system and in less than 2 months.

INCOME FROM discord activity + discord invite.
First register via my invitation to the Next Earth Discord Channel. And then ?
Nothing special, just be active in the chat and you will rank up, ask something, be friendly, help new users. That's all. It's a very active community and very nice one, with an organic grow.
You get units that you can either exchange for the tiles / land or for the BUSD / BNB. Units will have an important role later, NFT's SKIN / NFT's use / token use ? Everything is made for the community. Each unit is worth $ 0.10. As you go up in level, you get more and more units. + you will get more units if you are inviting people on the discord channel. Of course Bots are detected. An example, I am now lvl 30 within a month and for that I will get 6000 units (600$) - not bad right ? Please see the table below


- LAND ART MODULE : the land art module is planned for the end of the month of October 2021 - It will be a module where landowners will be able to create special NFT's on their properties (such as pixel art etc) As all tiles bought on the NE platform are already NFT's (ERC721 token) it will only raise the value of the NFT (adding skins etc ;) ) - There will be probably a bridge with opensea ! and very soon !
- PLAY2EARN GAME : we have not so much info about this as it's very secret. But IT's  (20+) are already working on 3 different type of play2earn games. Again it will be for the community and you will probably earn $ back ! STAY TUNED
- IDO + TOKEN launch Q42021 / Q12022 - The token is around the corner, the finale tokenomic is in construction.

- VR (at the right time, much more stuff to focus on before)
(some news from the CEO)
"IDO will probably have a ticket system. In which community members can earn extra tickets, so they can purchase a larger portion of tokens than others. There is plenty of things under discussion to hand out tickets for.
-    Having packs that are untouched. (Guaranteed early adopter appreciation)
-    Having a given amount of land tiles or a given net worth of land ownership
-    Having different level skins on your land NFTs. (skin system upcoming)
-    Number of units ever earned by a user. (This is a proof of work, which was done to help the platform growth by completing as many quests as possible)
-    Number of land art NFTs owned, based on tile numbers.
-    A few more coming, but this is under development right now."

- +2'100 Landowners
- +50'000 NFT's Minted
- +2M$ of tiles sold
- 325 BNB's (150k$) donated to Charities
- 10BNB highest property Sold (Arc de Triomphe)
- 4k Members Discord
- 11k Twitter
- MarketPlace phase 1 -  LIVE 24/24
- Lant Art Module (very soon)
- Map live - Buying / selling tiles
- Units system & much more is coming !!

Thanks for the read & See you all on Nextearth :)


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