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Author Topic: Young girl from Cambodia, very poor with a bad story from my childhood  (Read 146 times)


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My name is Solyna, now I'm a nice young girl from Cambodia, very poor and with a bad story from my past. When I was a child, I was abused for years from "men", "tourists" who came here for sexual tourism...It's a bad story, I still have trauma, nightmares and bad bad thoughts from that long time. I urgently need some money help to go on, and I please you to open your heart and help me, I don't ask much from you! And if you have nothing to give me, ok, thank you anyway for reading my story and my message. Have a nice day, may all your dreams come true. And I hope that this terrible virus will be defeated soon, it's a tragedy also for world economy, and many people are more poor now than ever. Let's hope, and dream about a better world! Sweet kisses to you all!
I leave you my paypal link:


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