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Author Topic: Smart Trading Now Available on Altrady!  (Read 134 times)


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Smart Trading Now Available on Altrady!
« on: October 28, 2020, 05:26:15 PM »

Smart has been a favorite buzzword of marketers, product developers, and tech innovators in recent years. In the crypto sphere, smart trading is fastly becoming a highly attractive option for those who want to experience reliable, objective, emotionless, and profitable trading in the face of volatile and never-sleeping crypto markets.

Now, Altrady is offering Smart Crypto Trading Features for you to enjoy!

Try Smart Trading Now

What is Smart Trading?

Just as how smart technology, smart apps, and smart devices make things easier, the Altrady smart crypto trading feature also makes your overall trading experience not just ultimately easier but also more predictable, strategy-driven, and growth-focused.

Smart cryptocurrency trading by Altrady uses innovative crypto trading technology that allows for the automatic placement of buy and sell orders according to predetermined rules and preconfigured parameters. By using Altrady’s smart trading terminal, you can participate in market movements 24 hours a day across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges!

Benefits of Altrady’s Smart Trading


The innate nature of human beings makes crypto trading a highly emotional activity. Even the sight of red and green candlesticks or the movement of charts can trigger certain behavioral responses that can affect the overall trading results. By using Altrady’s smart trading terminal, you can reduce if not eradicate the emotional aspect of trading and be able to create trading decisions that are purely based on technical data that are automatically generated and analyzed.

Decreased Unpredictability

People have a general perception that cryptocurrency trading is unpredictable --- prices are always changing, markets are frequently changing direction, and random news pop out of the blue. It may indeed be true, but you can possibly decrease its unpredictability by working on what you can control. Altrady’s smart trading feature gives you a sense of predictability and stability by giving you better control of your assets and your trading responses.


Random trading rarely brings you to brighter horizons. With automatic trading through Altrady’s smart trading terminal, you can efficiently plan out your trades according to your strategy. Let not fear of missing out or uncontained excitement of winning guide your decision-making.

Growth Focused, Risk Minimizing

With an established crypto trading strategy, you can take profit at regular intervals, sell when markets go haywire, or close a deal when a predetermined price has been reached. There are a lot of beautiful possibilities when using Altrady’s smart trading feature because you get to build your crypto assets and minimize your losses.

Friendly to Use for Beginners & Professionals

Altrady’s development team and UX designers put simplicity and ease of use to their hearts. Beginner traders who are starting to learn about the ins and outs of the crypto world can benefit much from the simple interface of the Altrady trading dashboard. Even experts and professional traders can take advantage of Altrady’s features like multiple charts viewing, base scanning, and other advanced trading settings.

Key Features of Altrady’s Smart Trading Terminal

Supports 12 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Altrady lets you create automatic trades not just on one cryptocurrency exchange but on multiple trading platforms! By integrating your exchange accounts to Altrady, you can enjoy a seamless trading experience on Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi, OKEx, Poloniex, Binance US, and Binance Futures.

Multiple Charts Viewing

Altrady’s charts feature allows you to save your favorite crypto markets from different exchanges for simultaneous viewing and easier monitoring.

Automatic Portfolio Tracking

Get automatic updates of how well your trades are performing and whether or not you are still profiting from your trades. Altrady’s portfolio manager is a wonderful tool that can give you a dynamic view of your assets in a comprehensive and organized way.

Trading Analytics

Evaluate your trading performance based on historical data. With Altrady’s trading analytics, you can get an overview of your trading performance which can help you assess the effectiveness of your trading strategy.

Take Profit Order

Take profit order is a short-term crypto trading strategy that can let you maximize your profits. It is a standing order that is placed by specifying a certain price point above the purchase price so that you could sell coins during a quick rise in price and thereby make a profit from it. This order type limits your risk or exposure to a volatile market by giving you an immediate exit once you get a favorable price to make a profit.

Trailing Stop Order

Trailing stop order can maximize your returns and minimize your losses. It is designed to protect your crypto gains by enabling a trade to remain open and continue generating profits during favorable market conditions. This order stops once the crypto market goes in the opposite direction by a specified trigger price.

How Does Take Profit Order Work?

Take profit orders are a good way to make sure that you grab the chance to profit from your trades even when you are away from your trading screen or while you are sleeping.

Here is how take profit orders work using the Altrady smart trading terminal:

In the case of a sell order, here is how it will work:

-A limit sell order will be placed on the exchange.
-When the sell order completely fills, a buy order will be placed on the given profit price.
-The buy order will sell 100% of the filled amount.

In the case of a buy order, this is how it’s going to work:

-A limit buy order will be placed on the exchange.
-When the buy order completely fills, a sell order will be placed on the given profit price.
-The sell order will sell 100% of the filled amount.

Take this for example (figures for easy explanation purposes only):

-You buy 1 BTC for $10000 and set take profit at +10% or at $11000.
-BTC price rises to $11000. The system then automatically detects this and sells your BTC. Here, you get a profit of $1000.

Through this, you can be sure to profit from your initial buy order by immediately selling your coins once the market price rises to or above the price that you have set. Closing the order immediately after you have profited from it gives you protection in case the market turns upside down.

How Does Trailing Stop Order Work?

Trailing stop orders are good for locking in profits, limiting losses, and taking advantage of favorable market conditions. Trailing stop orders only move when crypto prices are moving in a favorable direction.

Here are some things to know about placing trailing stop orders in Altrady:

-The trailing mechanism of this type of order automatically changes the closing value of the deal whenever the market price changes.
-Trailing stop orders will be used to follow the latest price and adjust to a stop limit order.
-Trailing stop sell orders will be used to try to sell when the price starts to fall back down.
-Trailing stop buy orders will be used to try to buy when the price starts to rise back up.
-The “trigger price” is an essential element in a trailing stop order. It will be used to determine when the stop order will be placed on the order book.
-To immediately place the stop order, use the “now” option.
-To wait until the trigger price is hit before placing the stop order on the order book, then use the “on price” option.
-Stop % is the offset for the stop trigger in a normal stop order.
-Limit %  is the offset for the limit price in a normal stop order.
-The offset is based on the “trigger price.”

Using the trailing stop order feature of Altrady’s smart trading terminal is advantageous to those who have not much time to monitor cryptocurrency markets regularly. Even if you are on a vacation with the family or working on your other career, you won’t have to dwell on anxious thoughts about the possibility of losing your investments.

Smart Trading Feature Included on Trading & Advanced Plans for a Limited Time!

Yes, for a limited time only, you can enjoy the added feature of having a smart trading terminal on either Altrady’s Trading Plan or Advanced Plan. Features for each plan will be changed in the future, so take advantage of this now!

Have an easy and convenient trading experience with the help of Altrady’s innovative crypto solutions! Subscribe to the Altrady crypto trading platform now for a smarter and more profitable trading journey!

Altrady Crypto Trading Platform Releases v3.0 With Web-Based Trading,
New Portfolio & Other Features

Altrady Leads the Top Crypto Trading Platforms in Real-Time Alerts & Customer Support

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Re: Smart Trading Now Available on Altrady!
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2020, 09:59:26 PM »
With 25,000 users and 12 affiliate trading platforms, altrady is a huge force in the current crypto market. Expect to receive a positive response from experienced users on altrady.
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Re: Smart Trading Now Available on Altrady!
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2020, 12:28:16 AM »
It is so very important for us to be smart about how we go about working when it comes to trading, as this is not where we can really avoid to be making mistakes or even take chances, so we have to be very much ready for all. My personal liking is towards Australian based Bitcoin exchange called TimeX, as not only it is fully safe, secure and comfortable to use but have excellent features that match my style of working big time.


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