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Author Topic: [ANN][NEOS]Neoscoin Unique Anon(Arbitrush) Multi-Algo/Multi Exchange Web Wallet!  (Read 1154 times)


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Multi-algorithm (your choice of algo): SHA-256, Blake-256, X11
Total coins: 21 Million
Halving every: 105,000 blocks
Fair launch: Block 2 - 1001 the block reward is 0.1.  Block 1002+ normal block reward
Block reward: 50 NEOS
Block time: 5 minutes
Tx fees: 0
Block confirmations: 120
Transaction confirmations: 6
Difficulty adjustment: per block (25% up, or down)
Launch date: 8/24/14 5PM EST
Coins offered in ICO: 1,050,000.00

THE ICO sold out in 11 hours!!  Thank you for your support!

Community forum:
Help Desk:
IRC: #Neoscoin
QQ: (please PM our team if you set one up)

Source: Windows Wallet: OSx Mavericks Wallet: Linux 32 bit: Linux 64 bit:

KickAssPools SHA-256 Neos Pool
Hashlink SHA-256 Neos Pool
Minerpools SHA-256 Neos Pool
Hashlink X11 Neos Pool
Coin-Miners SHA-256 Neos Pool
Crypto Pools SHA-256 Neos Pool
Coin-Miners NOMP X11 Neos Pool
p2pool SHA-256 Neos pool
Hash Harder X11 Neos Pool
Suprnova X11 Neos Pool

Coming soon!


Hello everyone,

    It's with great pleasure and some anxiety that I introduce something that has been in the works for a while.  My name is syntaks.  Some of you may know me from BellaCoin and my involvement with quite a few other coins in the world of crypto as a contract developer.

    Now that I've gotten personal introductions out of the way, I'd like to introduce: NeosCoin.  The word Neos (pronounced nay-ose from what my Greek family says) is representational of something never before in existence, something new.  That's an all too appropriate name for this project.  Forget thinking outside of the box here, we built our own.  Let's do something that hasn't been done really.  Algorithm-wise sure SHA-256, Blake and X11 are definitely being done but we wanted something that everyone could mine.

     I've included something that I haven't really seen so much with project announcements with promises of features and unseen capabilties: a demo video.  Typically I've only seen screenshots and development roadmaps.  Well, I was adamant about having everything working before this announcement.  In this world of crypto, it seems way more often than not - promises just aren't kept for one reason or another.

So with that being said, why the ICO?
     1) For some of the existing features we could definitely use the funds to build out a more extravagant network. (hosting)
     2) Marketing
     3) Design work & creatives
     4) Other project-based expenses
     5) We believe NEOS will do really well as we're working hard to make that happen.  We want to give the opportunity to early supporters to buy some while it's cheap.

One key difference is we'll have a public ledger that will explain what the IPO funds are being spent on, not just a total of BTC sent to an address.

So why NeosCoin?  What's so special about it?

NeosCoin offers an interface that completely deviates from the norm.  It's user-friendly, very familiar, packed with features, and incredibly fast.  At any given point, based on our community's request we can begin development on an unrestricted level due the fact it's written in PHP.  I might add, local PHP, not requiring a webserver or on a website.  The Windows interface is a compiled version of PHP.

The interface.

When you open the NeosCoin interface, you're presented with a dashboard.  There you'll find the following information:

1) Any messages from our development team
2) Your wallet balance locally as well as your balance on any exchanges that list NeosCoin
3) The rate NeosCoin is going for at supported exchanges
4) The current difficulty of all 3 algorithms
5) The hashrate of all 3 algorithms

Then you'll see a graph displaying the market interest so you can get a good idea of what type of market it is, based on the last 100 orders (sell and buy volume).

Below that is our Twitter feed so you can keep with the latest news regarding NeosCoin socially.  Next to that area is your transactions overview.

I'd like to make note at this point that in the settings area, you can enable/disable: twitter updates, news & updates, the number of transactions to show in the overview and the number of tweets to display on the dashboard.

You can do everything in the NeosCoin interface that you could in your old-style wallets, just quicker typically.  You can view all of your transactions, generate new wallet addresses, send NEOS to another person.

Now let's get into something a bit different: In-wallet trading, yes, you can do everything from within your wallet without having to open up another browser window - including simply entering an amount to deposit to your Bittrex (or other supported exchange) account by just entering the amount and clicking send.

I tried to make the trading interface almost a carbon copy of what you're used to when you visit the exchange.  When you open the Bittrex trading area, you'll see the following:

1) Your local NEOS balance
2) Your Bittrex NEOS balance
3) Your Bittrex BTC balance

Below that you'll get information such as: the Last,Bid, and Ask.  24 hour high/low, the volume in BTC and the volume in NEOS.  Next you'll have control and view over your open orders.  Following that directly beneath is your buy/sell areas.  All of the calculations are done for you here on-the-fly if you wanted to for example max out your buys or sells.  The order books are displayed next below.  All of these numbers and orders are within 3-5 seconds real-time.  Operating through the Bittrex API tends to be more responsive, quicker, and more accurate.

Pool stats and information.

Not just generic stats, but your personal miner/worker stats.  Yes, it's time to take things to the next level.

The block explorer is a known useful tool and it's included in the wallet.

We've also included a web-based IRC client so you can come join us in chat if you have any questions, need a hand, or just want to talk with the NeosCoin community.

I've also set up a help desk where you can submit tickets in the event you have questions or issues, which is accessible through the wallet.

So now I suppose the question lingering is "What the heck is Arbitrush?"

It's what I've named the anonymous-tx system I've written from the ground up.  This system isn't like other approaches (or lack thereof as many have yet to come to fruition).  I think it sounds pretty cool and if you say it fast it sounds like "Arbitrage" - great movie.

You're given the option to use Arbitrush but with the understanding that in your region or area, it could be considered immoral or some sort of grey area.  As I said, this is just for project purposes and proof of concept.  We hold no liability if it's misused.

So a typical transaction would conduct as such:

Sender -> Recipient (on the blockchain shows where the coin came from)

If you enable Arbitrush:

Sender -> multi-homed farm -> Recipient (the sender "never sent" the coins, or so the blockchain thinks, it just came from "somewhere")

Now with the fact it's anonymous, how can you verify the funds did in fact arrive at the intended destination?

Easily.  Within the wallet interface is an area named "Arbitrush transactions".  Here only the sender (who is authorized via a one-time key-pairing in the Arbitrush system) can see the status on the blockchain of the transaction and the intended recipient (whom of course they already know anyway because well, they sent it there).  Proof of Transaction.

You can join us over at our community forum, or on IRC (freenode #neoscoin) with any questions.

Best regards,

The Neos Team



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