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Author Topic: Tolerant Planet LTD - A Platform to Get Inspiration About Issues of Life  (Read 81 times)


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Are you looking to take courses on financial freedom, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, investment schemes or music? Then look no further than Tolerant Planet LTD.

Tolerant Planet LTD is one of the leading platforms in the world designed for entrepreneurs, inspired writers, and researchers to share their wealth of experiences and knowledge in the form of courses, eBooks, podcasts, children books, coaching, and music to inspire creative thinking. The goal of the company is to give everybody an opportunity to learn inspiring subjects through self-education.

What Courses Do Tolerant Planet LTD Offers?

The following are some of the courses you will get on their website:

●   Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: You will learn what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are, how to buy and store them for just $50.

●   Investment Vehicles: If you bereft of what investment ideas to invest your hard-earned money into, this particular course is for you. At the end of this course, you should be on your way to financial freedom.

●   Get Rick Quick: In this course, you will learn the nitty-gritty of getting rich quick for just $250.

●   How to talk to the universe: Do you want the universe to conspire in your favour? Then buy this course to learn how for just $45.

●   Healing: The healing course by Tolerant Planet LTD goes for $100. If you grab this course, you will learn about different healing modalities and how to heal others.

●   The power of our belief system: Do you know how our belief system works? With just $200, you can get hold of our belief system to transform your subconscious mind.

●   Introduction to classic music: Here, you will learn a whole lot of things regarding classic music. If you are a classic music fanatic, this course was written with you in mind. The cost goes for $120.

●   Healing sounds and harmonies: Do you know you can use an ancient vibrational medicine to open your mind and quiet the mind? Sounds interesting right? Purchase this course for just $150 to learn how.

●   Financial Freedom: This course doesn't need introduction, as the title is self-explanatory. If you desire financial freedom, of course everyone do, purchase this course for just $200.

●   Musical Harmonies: This course comes in three bundles and crafted to teach you the different fields in music. From Western, Eastern to healing, and everything in between, you will learn just everything about music for $150.

●   Intuitive Healing: This course goes for $150. This course will teach you everything you need to know about intuitive Healing and where to use it.

●   Dance till you can't Dance: This course will teach you how your body, heart, and mind are connected. Plus, you will be fully aware of your body. With just $150, you will learn all of these.

Tolerant Planet LTD currently offers promo to those desirous of any of the courses listed above. If you place an order using the promo code "SEPT2020," you will enjoy a 20% discount.

Wondering how to join Tolerant Planet LTD and place an order? Just head to their website: The company actually has a simple and straightforward registration for you to go through.

Simply visit their website, and you are good to go.


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