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Author Topic: [ANN] 🔥Gatherer🔥 - Utility Token & Community of Multi Faucet  (Read 453 times)


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Website | Telegram | WavesClaim
The Most Rewarding Cryptocurrency on WAVES

Gatherer is the token of WavesClaim is a Multi Token Faucet for WAVES assets.
Token Issuers can advertise and distribute their token easily with WavesClaim by giving them away in a Faucet.
Faucets can include Websites, Links and more of their token.

In turn that provides a easy introduction for people in the WAVES Ecosystem.

The Gatherer Token
Asset ID: 6pCbPWwz8YQDydZaVWsAcdvvpwJm6wDhpweeEh3ntUPv

Gatherer is distributed in a unique way.
You can get them in any faucet on but only with a 20% chance.

The Token is already integrated in several uniquie ways on the platform.

By Depositing your Gatherer Tokens in the Address we show on the Website, you get 1% daily profits in tokens.
You can easily withdraw them at any point, but they will stop staking.

Faucet Reward Multiplier
By Paying 1000 Gatherer Tokens you can multiply your faucet rewards.
This means when normal people get one token each hour, you get 2.

Exclusive Faucets
If you hold a certain amount of tokens, you get access to exclusive faucets like the StableCoin USD-N

Instant Exchange [HIGH LIQUIDITY]
We provide our own unique exchange, where you just send the tokens in and get the equivalent back in WAVES or Gatherer.


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We started a little Twitter Bounty on the website.


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Now in our exchange you token waves developer, there are several ways to bring your project to market. We have several market forms: Vote Listing, Pay Listing, ICO Listing and Shop Listing. sign in and see which option is best for your project at the
we have 9 market pairs at the moment are them: Waves, Btc, Ltc, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Verge, Cdex, Tron or LuxQ.
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