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Author Topic: Tittiecoin TTC Scrypt coin | Support | ASIC resistance | Breast Cancer Charity  (Read 1612 times)


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TittieCoin (TTC) — Support When You Need It

TittieCoin is a scrypt coin that dares to be different.
Tittiecoin takes the stage for Everyone that's heard the words "It can't be done"!
We are passionate about making The Community proud to be part of this versatile and usable digital currency.
 We are the first digital currency to sponsor breast cancer and breast cancer charities.
Donate here >>

TittieCoin (TTC) is a real digital currency that can be traded for goods and services or just traded,
it's your Titties you decide! We offer mining pools, wallet QT support,
as well as many other unique features and services that are In development at the moment.
Tittiecoin is safeguarded from being exploited by ASIC miners and Multipools so nothing to worry about there.

Difficulty adjusts every 10 blocks with a 25% cap
Block reward halves every 2 years
8008 coins per block
5.6 billion total coins
RPC port: 8008
NET port: 8007
3 min blocks

We tried to keep up with a professional image but remembered to have fun
"Why mine, when you can MotorBoat?".
Here's how to solo motorboat, or you can join a pool and group motorboat:

This is the tittiecoin.conf file:
Code: [Select]

You can download the tittiecoin.conf file here >>>>
File contents here >>>>

Sample cgminer commands:
Code: [Select]
cgminer --scrypt --url --user username --pass password

Heavy Rigs Welcome
Investor Sponsored Pool

Terms of use here >>>

GPU and ASIC Miners

GPU and CPU Miners Only
Do not exceed 30Mhs on this pool

Block Explorer With Rich List Now Live (Big thank you to SAVA7)

Get FREE Tittiecoin
1.Download the the latest version of the Tittiecoin Wallet.
2.Post your Titttiecoin address to the fan page
3.Share or like us on facebook
4.Follow or Re-Tweet us on Twitter
Offer Ends July 31st

If you prefer Escrow.

Wheel Of Fortune!

Tittiecoin and Digital Dance have joined forces, we are their
EXCLUSIVE means of payment for Boat Parties and events.
Tittiecoin Sponsors Cam World - We are negotiating payment options.

FreeNode support
Click here>>> #tittiecoin

FreeNode community chat (Special Thanks To sava7)
Click here>>> #ttccoin

Bounties available for First Faucet to be installed on the TTC servers - TTC100000.0
Please DM us to show us a demo Faucet. Feel free to create your own personal Faucets
and DM us the link Also

Have feedback? Comments? Please do not hesitate to reach out!
Send us an email info @ or a DM Tittiecoin and share your ideas, or just let us know what you think.
We value your feedback.

English  Deutsch

This is your Tittiecoin and no one can take it away from you!


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