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Author Topic: [ANN][RescueCoin][RSCC] Think Different! Help People! ~ Now on C-CEX ! ~  (Read 1011 times)


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Official website :
2nd Forum:


What is RescueCoin?

RescueCoin is a cryptographic currency, similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, with one major difference which was launched on the 15.07.2014 06:00 P.M. UTC/GMT

What is different?

RescueCoin was found by people who want to help people.
We, the team RescueCoin have made it to our mission to help people in need. Out of this idea RescueCoin was developed.
With RescueCoin we give you the opportunity to actively support people in need and/or to finance medical research projetcs.
There will be a fundraiser every first Saturday of the month and furthermore we will add some Pre-Mined Coins.
The collected coins will be passed to organisations which you (the community) vote for on our website the week before.
Whether if you vote for conflict areas or for research – the money will arrive!

Technical Details:

Algorithm: Scrypt
Symbol :  RSCC
Max Coins: 100 million RescueCoins (after we reach 100 million the block reward will be 5)
Block time: 2 minutes
Difficulty Re-Target Time:  Every block with Digishield algorithm
Block Rewards: 150 coins per block at the beginning

Number of confirmations needed for transaction = 4
Number of confirmations needed for block to mature = 10

Source Code:


3% - We know that is a lot! But we will explain how it works:

1% will be for the development, giveaways, promotions, etc.
2% will be in an “trust account”. These coins will be added to the monthly fundraiser.

First Giveaway: Facebook

The first 100 people who comment their wallet address in a special Facebook status of ours will each receive 250 RSCC.


How to Mine
1)  GPU mine using CGminer
2)  GPU mine using CUDAminer
3)  CPU mine using CGminer or CPUminer
4)  CPU mine with wallet (currently slowest method): 
   1. Open RescueCoin Wallet
   2. Choose Help
   3. Select Debug window
   4. Select Console
   5. Type “setgenerate true <number of thread(s)>”
   6.  type  "getmininginfo" to see hashrate

List of Pools




You can find Windows, Linux and Mac wallet on our website:

For those who cannot sync please add nodes, check out this fix:

1. Download the Wallet from depending on your O.S (Windows, Linux, Mac)
2. unpack the file and run rescuecoin-qt and then close it (exit).
3. Like in any other Wallet software the Rescuecoin folder will be created and is hidden by default.
You have to enable viewing hidden files on your system to be able to see the folder.
The data of Rescuecoin and the wallet will be in this folder. The path of this folder is:

on Windows:

on Linux:

on Mac:
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Rescuecoin/

to see this folder on Mac: hit shift + command + G which will GO to a folder,
then type in this location: ~/Library/Application Support/Rescuecoin

4. Create the rescuecoin.conf file (configuration file) in the Rescuecoin folder with the following contents:

# Listen for RPC connections on this TCP port:
# rpcport=46442

Notice: rescuecoin p2p port is 46443 and rpcport is 46442.

5. run rescuecoin-qt again and the wallet should synchronize automatically.


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