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Author Topic: HOMT (Hom Token) - Tokenization Studentís Rental Accommodation (Recommeded)  (Read 209 times)


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HOMT (Hom Token)
Tokenization Studentís Rental Accommodation Industry

The Blockchain Promises Offer:
Blockchain is an outstanding and innovative invention; Born of the mind of an individual or group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto. But since the Chinese blockchain was first introduced, the technology has become a major entity.
Blockchain technology has created a new kind of backbone by making it possible to distribute digital information without copying it. It was originally designed for Bitcoin digital money, but now the tech community is finding other potential uses for the technology. We have been using databases for storing and transmitting information for years. Blockchain can also be considered a shared database or database that is managed by a network of users (computers) around the world instead of a single central unit. The information in this database is stored in a distributed manner, and its validity is continuously monitored by network computers, also known as nodes, miners, or peers.
The main difference between blockchain and other types of databases, which has made it increasingly popular, is that any data that enters this database can no longer be deleted or tampered with.
In the context of blockchain technology, a concept called cryptocurrencies has been developed. Currencies are born that do not belong to any country. Digital or cryptocurrencies are one of the most serious and basic applications of blockchain technology and have had a great speed to affect the economy and various industries. It's simple and you can keep it in a digital wallet.
Today, the thinking of many companies revolves around blockchain technology and its benefits. Technology that expert research suggests is tied to the future of many industries, including the accommodation industry.

Studentís Rental Accommodation market:
It's not sexy, but it is one of the most stable investments you will find today and it is in high demand. It has been the top asset class producer in the U.S. and U.K. markets over the past 7 years. Reports from PricewaterhouseCoopers and Jones Lang Lasalle list student housing investment as the top emerging asset class across Europe. Many of these markets are still relatively untapped. It is a resilient sector which is not correlated to the market, with steady returns regardless of economic conditions, making it a very attractive alternative investment. However, currently investment into the market is not easily accessible with very high minimum capital requirements, low liquidity with many pitfalls for investors.

HOMT (Hom Token)
Student Property Tokenisation on the Blockchain
Traditional student property ownership is based on a single ownership model, and when joint ownership is concerned, even with just a few people it can get very complicated. Breaking up a property into fractions with distinct fractional ownership is extremely logistically and administratively challenging and very costly to manage. In addition, when there is more than one owner involved, the problem associated with trust among the parties may arise.
With the advancement of the blockchain technology and its rapid adoption rate, HOMT aims to provide solutions to the current problems which limit many investors from accessing the student accommodation investment market and create new opportunities for joint property ownership by introducing a property backed token and employing smart contracts capabilities into the enterprise.
The blockchain allows for the 'tokenisation' of the the physical assets into tokens, which can be distributed to practically anyone and anywhere in the world to participate in the ownership of properties dedicated to student rentals. The tokens are backed with physical property; hence the values are maintained by the underlying asset. It also involves the process of securely storing pertinent asset investment information onto an immutable distributed ledger for investor transparency and security. These tokens can then be traded in a trustless peer-to-peer (P2P) markets.
With the use of distributed ledgers, it is now possible to create a digital token backed by real estate, which can be broken up into fractional ownerships with the trust in its transparency.

Executive Summary
HOMT LTD. purpose is to create value by leveraging diversified property holdings with above average rental yields and high occupancy rates. The strategy is to acquire severely discounted properties all over the world with emerging student housing markets -fully refurbish the assets into modern flats -and generate a highly profitable revenue stream by dedicating rentals primarily to international university students seeking premium student housing.
HOMT's solution is to create a highly sought after token which is easily accessible, highly liquid and backed by cash flow positive properties which have high potential for increasing asset value. The Company will democratise the student housing investment industry by breaking down high minimum investment barriers and adding significant liquidity to low liquid market. Integrating blockchain technology will provide 100% transparency from investment to development to dividend payments. This will provide a trustworthy "armchair" investment, thus eliminating the pitfalls of student "pod" investment. Smart contracts and blockchain technology will significantly benefit both investors and customers making it an innovative financial project as well as technological project.

-Student property rentals provide a rare opportunity in going for both capital growth and consistent income.

-HOMT will deliver high capital growth and a strong cash flow by acquiring real estate in prime city centre locations and dedicating rentals to university students which produces consistent above average rental returns.

-HOMT offers a rare opportunity to invest with the parent holding company, allowing investors to take advantage of all holdings and future acquisitions, as opposed to investing into a single unit student "pod".

Market Summary
A growing supply & demand imbalance in emerging student housing markets has student halls at 100% occupancy, leaving as many as 2/3 of the students without accommodation, leaving them the frustrating task of finding rooms on their own, with little or no help from the universities.
Students are not happy with the housing situation, they feel frustrated with the process and the lack of assistance when it comes to finding appropriated student accommodations. Many students end up finding rooms in shared. Apartments with local and immigrant families in run down apartments which are not conducive to a full university student experience.
HOMT will help solve this problem by providing a one-stop shop for secure, quality accommodation in high standard and well located apartments, not student "pods". Rentals will be dedicated to qualified university students who can easily access information on available accommodations with just a few taps and swipes from any smart phonE or computer. This will include; checking availability, apartment and room amenities, simple reservation and payment solutions, search, interact with potential roommates and secure a Smart without having to make a visit to the local management company prior to accessing their apartment.

Product Summary
HOMT aims to democratise the student housing investment market by digitising student housing property ownership, giving investors the opportunity to purchase digital tokens that represent a share in several properties dedicated to university student rentals. The digitisation of property investing has many benefits over traditional real estate investment models.
Firstly, investors will no longer be required to invest a significant amount into one property or student "pod". Instead, investors can purchase any amount of digital tokens starting at Ä1 which are linked to all HOMT properties and acquisitions, thereby, creating a low entry to the market while also diversifying their real estate holdings.
Secondly, digitising real estate investment alleviates the real estate market's biggest issue, which is low liquidity. Selling a student "pod" or a share in a student "pod" is a lengthy or even impossible process due to the market's lack of liquidity. By holding digital tokens that are backed by the student property, a comparatively liquid market can exist for these tokens potentially making student housing investment a liquid asset class for the first time.

Product Integration;
-Digital Tokens
-Smart Contracts
-Decentralised Markets
-Smart Contract Leases
-Bank Certified Apartments
-Distraught Asset Purchase
-Leveraged Collateral Financing
-Apartment Clusters
-Student Dedicated Rentals
-Segregated Cell Structure
-High Scalability

Problem Statements
HOMT will seek to provide a solution to the following problems and limitations identified in the current student housing market which prevent most people from realising the benefits:

Owning a student "pod" has a relatively high barrier of entry. Ownership usually requires capital intensive commitments, which are out of reach for many people.

Wealth Diversification
Given that ownership in the student accommodation market usually involves a large amount of money, an individual with limited funds will not be able to access this market limiting their options for diversification.

Low Liquidity
Buying and selling physical real estate is not typically a readily liquid market, especially in the case of student "pods".

Global Reach
Many of the opportunities in student housing are currently contained within the home jurisdictions, and overseas ownership is simply not feasible for many individuals.

Simplicity and Convenience
The paperwork and administration involved in a property ownership may not be straightforward with an added complexity, or even impossibility, of co-ownership. A simpler and convenient way to participate in the property co-ownership is required.

When several people and intermediaries are involved in the property ownership, trust will always be a concern, and may lead to potential conflicts.

Low Profit Share (if any)
investors are given a very low percentage of the developer/management profits (if any). Developers to do not allow for
direct investment into the company, only investment into single units. Direct investment is a more fair structure and much more profitable.

High Overhead Costs
Purpose built student housing is similar to a large hotel with high overhead costs and large development risks.

Student "Pod" Pitfalls
Student "Pods" are like tiny hotel rooms. They are not bank certified which means the property cannot obtain a mortgage and prices are set by the developer, not by a fair market. The "pods" are single use and cannot be sold to anyone other than another investor, making it an extremely low liquid investment. They also lack private social areas and limit the independence of the student.

Solution Integration;
-Liquidity - Trade Tokens on Internal/External Markets

-Trust - Transparent Ethereum Smart Contracts and an immutable ledger creates a trustless system

-Efficiency - Eliminate Intermediaries through Ethereum bases Smart Contracts

-Intermediaries - Eliminate Intermediaries through Ethereum based Smart Contracts

-High Minimum Investments - Token purchase and trading allows for a low entry which is not capital intensive and breaks down the large capital barriers that are currently in place for student property investments. It also allows for fractional or incremental investment strategies that are not possible with student "pod" investments in which the full property must be paid in full in order to see a return.

-Low Profit Share (if any) - Smart Contracts cut out the middle man and allow investors to receive a generous split of the company profits.

-High Overhead - Apartment clusters are easier and less costly to manage than large purpose built student housing which may have 1,000 rooms or more. Smart Contracts are more efficient, no paperwork, higher profit margin

-Key-less Entry - A smart app provides a security key, directions, transportation options and entry instructions straight to the studentís smart phone, allowing the student to go directly to their apartment, accessing their room without needing to stop by the rental office. This saves time and money for both the student and the rental management company.

-Investor Security - Utilizing blockchain and smart contract technology will provide transparency and security from the initial investment to dividend payment.

-Scalability - Turn-key outsourcing means any number of projects can be in development simultaneously.

-Inheritance Transfer - When a property can be converted and broken into multiple fractional digital assets on the blockchain, it can be transferred as inheritance to multiple parties in the form of tokens. This way, each owner has the liberty over the tokens independent from one another, such as the ability to dispose or transfer the ownerships on the blockchain. This solves real world problem whereby a single property ownership is fragmented through inheritance, in some cases so much so that it creates a deadlock among the owners.

With regards to the team project HOMT, then there is a very strong core team:

HOMT Roadmap
In the picture below, the project roadmap gas been described:

HOM Token Information
-Token Name: HOM Token
-Symbol: HOMT
-Token Type: ERC-20 Ethereum
-Total Supply: 125,000,000 HOMT
-Contract: 0xeF7A985E4FF9B5DcCD6eDdF58577486887288711

Official Resources:


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