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Author Topic: Radar Coin (RADAR) - POW/POS/NIST5 - decentralized radar blockchain  (Read 295 times)


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The Idea

Radarcoin is a cryptocurrency used to avoid speed limit tickets and other tickets all across the globe, using the latest blockchain technology. Users will be able to download the mobile app where they can report speed limit radars, verify them or report them false on the fly. The app will use the GPS to track your location (also anonymous if requested) while driving walking or moving. When you are about to encounter a radar it will warn and also ask you if it's still there. You can add new radars or verify the current one that you're passing with a simple click. Doing this will make you earn radarcoins. The radarcoins will be added directly to your radarcoin mobile wallet in the app.

Coin Specs
Block Time:60 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting:   Every Block
Max Coin Supply:8,000,000
Consensus   PoW/PoS
Premine: 1% / 80000

The Problem

In our everyday lives, we are very busy. Because of this speeding, running a red light are things that tend to happen a lot. This makes you end up with expensive and unwanted tickets. The problem is how do we get users to massively report and avoid this? And make them benefit by doing so using the latest technology?

The Solution - Radarcoin

Radarcoin is a cryptocurrency used for reporting speed limit radars and others all across the globe. Using blockchain technology to process information and reward users for using our application by rewarding them Radarcoins. Users can download the app setup their wallet, report speed limit radars, or verify them while passing with a simple click. Avoiding tickets and earning money while doing so. By doing this the users will gain radarcoins directly into their mobile wallets, that they can use to stake sell or share. This creates a win-win situation for everyone using the app to avoid tickets and or earn radarcoins.

The Features

Mobile Application

With the Radarcoin mobile app, you avoid tickets and earn money while doing so. Report and Verify speed limit radars and earn your Radarcoins.

Report Radar Points

Use the Radarcoin App to report and verify radar checks. This way you help others avoiding tickets and you will start earning radarcoins.

The Rewards

By using the Radarcoin Mobile App, you will gain Radarcoins by reporting and verifying traffic radar checkpoints inviting friends & More.

Carry the radarcoin App on your mobile device and report speed checks across the world to avoid tickets and help others avoid speeding tickets. Others will see the radar you reported when getting close and can avoid tickets. Using our App will benefit you in avoiding tickets, and earning radarcoins while doing so.

The Rewards

    Reporting will gain you 0.05 radar
    Verifying will gain you 0.025 radar.
    Inviting a friend will gain you 0.020 radar.

The Development

The mobile app is currently in development and will be released according to our roadmap.

The app contains some of the following functions:

    Warns users about active radars nearby
    Users can report if the radar is still active
    Users can report a new active radar
    Run in the background and shows a warning when users get close
    Run the app anonymously & More



Release Radarcoin
Radar wallets live

Mobile App Live
Alpha Phase mobile App
Reward System in place
Multiple Exchanges

Beta phase mobile app
Implement new Features


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