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Author Topic: [ANN][ARDR][NO ICO] Ardor, or Nxt 2.0, a Scalable Child Chain Platform  (Read 2789 times)


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The Nxt core dev team is letting anyone get into the blockchain space with a new child chain platform, Ardor, which will incorporate the technologies proven for years by the Nxt 1.0 cryptocurrency and blockchain. Soon, anyone will be able to create their own solutions using the blockchain technology with the Ardor child chains.

Nxt is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Research by the Nxt team has led to Ardor, a platform that uses child chains and incorporates all of Nxt's latest blockchain innovations while being backed by the core developers of Nxt. Ardor is more than just about money: It's about making a blockchain platform that is open to everyone, from single users all the way up to FinTech startups and governments, and one where anyone can create their own child chain and interact with the whole blockchain ecosystem. That means anyone, anywhere, will be able to utilize blockchain services with relative ease.

We can't give away too much until the final features of Ardor are tested repeatedly.

But, here are a few of the features coming with the new Ardor release:

1. Offering Blockchain as a Service - Ardor will open blockchain development to organizations and individuals across the world. The high barriers to getting started with blockchain are about to vanish.

2. Manageable Blockchain Size - Ardor will solve the problem of scalability by separating transactions and data that do not affect security from those that do, and moving all of those that don't affect security onto child chains. The Ardor team will create the first child chain to house many Nxt 1.0 tools as well as future features. This small size also comes with short transaction times so processes need only a fraction of time compared to Bitcoin to execute functions.

3. A Decentralized Asset Exchange - Building off of the Asset Exchange on Nxt, Ardor will enable the ability to trade assets on any child chain for any of the child chain tokens. This allows child chains to interact with each other and opens up numerous opportunities for collaboration as well as allow cross chain asset trading, a long-requested feature within the Nxt ecosystem.

4. Decentralized Voting and Governance Systems - Ardor will be at the core of decentralized consensus in the future. Secure and anonymous voting will be an available feature on all child chains as it is on the Nxt platform.

5. Phased Transactions - Users can set multiple conditions before a transaction is executed, such as a minimum number of votes and a set amount of time. Like Nxt, Ardor will use Smart Transactions. With this, users will only need to submit the parameters necessary for the transaction and the ID of the functionality they want to use. The transaction process is also completely decentralized. No centralized server, service, or application, like Ethereum’s Oracle, is needed.

“Rather than providing smart contracts, NXT is focused on implementing the important use cases and functions directly into the core of both Nxt and Ardor. This approach has proven to be scalable and secure and will become more so when Ardor is released” Riker

These are a few of the things Ardor will give you and the cryptocurrency community. As development continues and testing is finalized, you'll get a detailed analysis of each of the new tools, as well as the core features built into Ardor. We'll also reveal, step-by-step, a list of our partners and what they're doing with our technology.

This is all possible because of new developments within the Nxt community. Decision-making and planning is becoming more professionalized. The community and team structure are adjusting to the new demands while the Nxt and Ardor technology remains entirely open source. Ardor is more than a cryptocurrency - it's a blockchain platform specifically designed to let anyone build decentralized tools with the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

How to get Ardor

You'll be able to participate in Ardor right away. As Ardor continues testing and development, Nxt 1.9 will be released. With Nxt 1.9, you'll get your first chance to own a piece of Ardor. All those who hold an amount of NXT will also get a piece of Ardor. Snapshots will start be taken on an hourly basis, starting on July 14th to October 12th. Then, your total NXT will be averaged, and you'll receive that amount in Ardor tokens on October 12th, which will be freely tradeable up until the Ardor system launches.

At block 1,000,000 on October 12th, 2016, snapshotting will stop, and you'll be allowed to trade your Ardor tokens in NXT 1.9 in preparation for the launch of the Ardor blockchain.

After Ardor has launched, Nxt 1.0 will remain active and supported. Nxt 1.0 is the giant on which Ardor is built and it will remain running as a core component of the Nxt eco-system, functioning as a complete blockchain solution in its own right, as well as assisting in the development and refinement of the Ardor blockchain platform.

There'll be a lot more news in the weeks and months to come. Ardor aims to be a powerful platform for users and businesses alike by building on the technology pioneered by Bitcoin and Nxt. If you would like to be a part of it, acquire NXT now and get your stake in Ardor!


Ardor is brought to you by the core development team from Nxt. After years of building and testing the Nxt platform, the team is going to involve the public even more. As the first Blockchain 2.0 platform, the community has continually improved Nxt and now looks forward to release Ardor for companies, organizations, and of course, users.

Edit: for more information on the Roadmap, please go here:


Forbes: "DIY Blockchain? NXT Announces Customizable Ardor Platform"

Cointelegraph: "Ardor - New Competitor to Ethereum Arises Amidst Reports of The DAO Attack"

Poloniex, BTC38, and Bittrex agree to distribute Ardor tokens to customers

Nxt Foundation is now a member of the Linux Foundation


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We are pleased to offer ARDOR token ARDR from NXT available for pre-launch trading on OpenLedger

Here's how you can trade an ICO token before anyone else...

Click the image to watch the video!

OpenLedger has access to a limited amount of ARDR coins, and will therefore be making OpenLedger IOU asset OPEN.ARDR available for trading in selected markets.

Once ARDR coins are released at estimated launch time in October 2016, the same IOU asset (OPEN.ARDR) currently trading during pre-launch will become freely transferrable and withdrawable. You will also be able to make ARDR deposits to OpenLedger at that time.

The available trading pairs for  ARDOR tokens (ARDR) are as follows:

ICOO itself:






You can read more about Ardor on the latest Forbes articles:

DIY Blockchain? NXT Announces Customizable Ardor Platform

NXT Ramps Up Decentralized Asset Exchange On Ardor Platform

Welcome to OpenLedger - Smart Trading Decentralized

All the best

Ronny Boesing
CCEDK / OpenLedger / CoinsBank

Public Profile Linkedin:

SHHH! please don't tell anyone Smiley Not enough for all to buy


NXT amount owned by ICOO made available for trading on OpenLedger via Ardor tokens

The amount of    222,988 NXT has been purchased for the sole purpose of offering traders and speculators interested in trading a cryptocurrency prelaunch an option to do so, and we are able on OpenLedger to do so with the help of the Crowdfunding token ICOO.

What ICOO offers is the token ARDR of Ardor which is a new project and platform of NXT. The tokens are offered 1:1 as an added token to the amount held in NXT from the time of first snapshot today July 14th and the last one October 12th.

ICOO offers the amount of 222 988 OPEN.ARDR tokens backed by the equvalent amount of NXT held at the below ICOO account.

It means that ICOO will keep this amount locked at least untill final snapshot. Any profits achieved from selling the OPEN.ARDR will be fully added to the monthly ICOO profit distribution. It means basically that any profits achieved from selling ARDR on OpenLedger from now on untill October will be considered pure profit, and since it is achieved without any ICO it is not a product for subscription as such, the ICOO holders will however be able to buy into an inital amount of 22 988, leaving the remaining 200 000 to be added to the markets on OpenLedger where a demand is considered the highest.



ICO OpenLedger website


Official account of ICO OpenLedger:

Place your orders directly on OpenLedger, send your funds to account above: icoo



If you have not yet opened an account, now is the time.  Just follow the "Get Started" video (Tutorial #1) below for the best first-time experience. Welcome.

Here's our tutorial video that shows how you how to get started on OpenLedger.

Click the image to watch the video!

Here's our new tutorial video that shows how you can fund your OpenLeder account with Bitcoin.

click the image to watch the video!

Check out our new tutorial video
on how to participate in an ICO on OpenLedger.

Click the image to watch the video!


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Sorry for just jumping in like this, but S3cco sent me a message on BTT asking me to post this here :)

Happy to be invited, and if you have questions, please let me know!


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  • Sorry for just jumping in like this, but S3cco sent me a message on BTT asking me to post this here :)

    Happy to be invited, and if you have questions, please let me know!

    Thank you for joining! It is a pleasure having the official team here.

    We already had an un-official ARDR thread here. I merged the two threads into this one, so existing sharing and posts are preserved.

    I've an eye on your project. Keep up the great job!
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