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Author Topic: Instant Bitcoin VPS, Linux KVM NVM'e hard drives, prices starts from $5.81 /mo  (Read 491 times)


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Few reviews:

We use enterprise hardware ( E5 processors, rack server boards, enterprice , RAM, network equipents, UPS/diesel generators ) only!

Node servers - 2 x 2650v4, DDR4 RAM's, 10 x Intel P3600 NVMe in RAID6 disk space.

1 vCPU x E5-2650v4, 2GB RAM DDR4 + 2GB vSWAP, 20GB NVMe Disk space, 50Mbps unlimited BW, 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 - from $5.81 /month
2 vCPU x E5-2650v4, 4GB RAM DDR4 + 4GB vSWAP, 40GB NVMe Disk space, 100Mbps unlimited BW, 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 - from $11.61 /month
4 vCPU x E5-2650v4, 8GB RAM DDR4 + 8GB vSWAP, 80GB NVMe Disk space, 100Mbps unlimited BW, 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 - from $23.42 /month
6 vCPU x E5-2650v4, 12GB RAM DDR4 + 10GB vSWAP, 120GB NVMe Disk space, 100Mbps unlimited BW, 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 - from $35.14 /month

Linux KVM NVMe VPS plans and order page:

Non-volatile memory express, also known as NVMe or NVM Express, is a specification that allows a solid-state drive to make effective use of a high-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect Express bus in a computer.
NVM Express significantly improves both random and sequential performance by reducing latency, enabling high levels of parallelism, and streamlining the command set while providing support for security, end-to-end data protection, and other Client and Enterprise features users need.
Intel NVMe brings extreme data throughput directly to IntelŽ XeonŽ processors with up to six times faster data transfer speed than 6 Gbps SAS/SATA SSDs.

*Ping test speed:
*Our AS61272 information:
*Test file download 1GB:
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*Payment methods: BitCoin, Credit Cards, Paypal, Webmoney, CashU, SafetyPay, Perfect Money, Direct bank transfer.

Contact us:
[email protected]
Skype: Andrius.Bacloud
Tel: +37068557990


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