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Author Topic: Amazon pay is a decentralized token built on BEP20  (Read 29 times)


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Amazon pay is a decentralized token built on BEP20
« on: December 31, 2021, 08:39:52 AM »


Amazon Pay is a decentralized token built on BEP20. It's a token to be used as a means of exchange in stores, malls, and e-market sites.

Amazon pay is a token created on the 20th of December, 2021, and was listed on the 23 of December, 2021. This coin was created for one basic reason, which is to serve as means of exchange on platforms and to be accepted in all stores, malls, and e-market.

This project is a long-term project which will assist to transact and gain from this transaction. The team is working on the token to have its own;
exchange: for people to buy and sell, convert it to other coins,s, or sell. Also, a similar operation can be performed on other coins on the exchange
swap and stake: this is for changing the coin to other coins and stake.

The website of the token is the website will be upgraded such that people can shop online 2-8% cashback on our amazon pay token

 Amazon Pay Token


Bsc address:

Contract adress: 0x8E696F37eb55Fa53B7dCE758b3dE13CdE6Fa8Ed7

Poocoin chart:

Liquidity lock:

Trust our team and give us the time to do the Next planing

✔️ “Liquidity”will be locked for 5 years on pinksale.

✔️ And that our team will work hard on this 5 years

✔️ 1st year is for creating swap and stacking so the people can swap and stake their tokens

✔️ 2nd years is for the wallet so the people can keep the tokens there

✔️ 3rd years is for the website where people can shop online 2-8% cash back on owr amazon pay token. To the website we will connect the wallet what we ar creating so the people can get the cash back tokens there

✔️ 4th-5th year is for the creation of exchange when exchange is done then the liquidity will be locked forever

BUY NOW ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Slippage: buy and sell 10%

Marketing fee: 3%
Liquidity fee: 5%
Burn fee: 2%
Tax fee: 1%

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