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Author Topic: HackenAI Project Review, Personal Cybersecurity App. (A project for the future)  (Read 43 times)


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HackenAI Project Review
Personal Cybersecurity Application

Blockchain is an innovative invention. Many people in the world now know blockchain, but you may be worried about ďcan blockchain be hacked?Ē Cybercriminals have previously exploited blockchains to carry out destructive actions. Even now, hackers seem to have made the exploitation of security vulnerabilities and blockchain attacks a major source of revenue.
Why cybersecurity is very important?
$ 32 million was stolen from Parity and $ 74 million from Coindash in 2017, $ 72 million from Bitfinex in 2016, $ 5.1 million from Bitstamp in 2015, $ 65 million from Mt. Gox in 2014. These are terrible paper equivalents lost to hackers by various cryptocurrency infrastructure projects.
According to Tyler Moore of the School of Informatics. Tandy in Tulsa, since the founding of bitcoins in 2009 to March 2015, about 33% of all bitcoin exchanges for this period have been hacked. Cryptocurrencies, of course, are not the only enterprises worried by hackers. US President Donald Trump, himself the subject of a recent cybersecurity dispute, said cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States to date.

-Small and middle-sized enterprises, hackers, cybersecurity:
The modern global business sector has developed rapidly and brought in beneficial innovations to the industry in the recent years thanks to similarly rapid advances in technologies.
Because of this growth, there exists a demand in the industry for small and middle-sized enterprises to produce new IT products to meet a businessí goals. For example, a business may want to have their own custom accounting software or a payroll software.
The same consumer products developed by these SMEs for businesses are a hotbed for hackers looking to disrupt the systems for the thrill of it or for some other personal reasons of their own.
The #1 factor for these hacks is the lack of cybersecurity, an incredibly expensive endeavor for many SMEs let alone small businesses.
At the same time, the lack of cybersecurity also punishes them heavily which often leads to bankruptcy and an abandoned product.
The hackers who did this all this while stay unpunished despite costing millions in losses.
Because hackers know that small businesses cannot afford to have updated IT security practices in their products quickly and regularly, they increase the tendency of these hackers to attack their products which highlights a real issue that is happening right now.

Hacken is a blockchain-based platform that aims to solve cybersecurity issues for businesses as well as building the next level of application security. The idea behind Hacken is a unique yet ingenious one. In other words Hacken is a blockchain-powered cybersecurity ecosystem for white-hat hacking (also known as ethical hacking).
White hat hackers are professional hackers that specialize in testing and enhancing the security of an IT system through exposing bugs or vulnerabilities within a system hence the term ethical hacking.
The Hacken marketplace, a core component of the Hacken platform, connects white-hat hackers with developers or teams that require bug-testing and subsequent bug fixes or enhancements to their systems.
So, by investing in Hacken, youíre literally encouraging the work of white hat hackers who are considered the good guys of the IT industry to produce advanced and extremely secure IT systems which bring nothing but benefits to all parties involved.
The platform also supports white hat hackers by helping to enhance their code and applications by using advanced cybersecurity machine learning as well as the human expertise of talented individuals across the world.
Hacken also provides an individual service based on the unique code sources of every client on the platform to test for bugs and weaknesses within their IT systems.
The service offers a wide range of customization options for each bug bounty program which is then managed and organized by Hacken.
As a result, businesses and companies enjoy better application security thanks to a robust network of experts in applications security.
The platform also aims to become the medium of cooperation between the blockchain community where security is still an issue and global cybersecurity experts.
Hacken ecosystem will offer high quality penetration test services and vulnerabilities assessment for their customer products. these services will be provided through community of white hackers that are entered around an annual Easters Europe cybersecurity conference called HackIT.
This whole process, as well as their findings will be timestamped and published to the blockchain-based HackenProof Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Certificate which will be uniquely issued for every project.

HackenAI History :
Hacken, founded in August 2017 by cybersecurity experts, Big 4 professionals, and white hat hackers, is a cybersecurity ecosystem. The team has 50 years of combined experience in protecting clients of all sizes and industries including banking, manufacturing, transportation, and e-commerce. Also, it has Strong R&D and Knowledge Base.
Hacken is cooperating with industry leaders such as CoinMarketCap, Bitfury, and Etherscan to promote cybersecurity, accountability, and transparency of the blockchain and IT industry. It is the only cybersecurity partner of the CoinMarketCap Data alliance. It also has partnerships with the US Department of Defence, AirAsia, and TradingView.
Features of the Hacken platform
The following is a quick summary of each part that makes up the ecosystem. The HackenAI platform is a one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity-related protection. HackenAIís current features include:
Password manager
2-factor authentication (OTP generation)
Compromised accounts monitoring
Secure storage
VPN service
Non-custodial Multichain Wallet
Digital Asset Viewer/Tracker
Cybersec Marketplace
News and industry alerts
More details you can find in the HackenAI website.

HakenAI Token
HAI will be used as a utility token to power most activities performed within the HackenAI platform. It is a VIP180 token, minted on the VeChainThor blockchain. HAI will be used for the below cases:
∑ HackenAI subscription fee
∑ Hacken B2B services payment
∑ 3rd party products purchased from HackenAI cybersecurity marketplace
∑ Staking program
∑ Corporate governance
In order to get to know the dear readers, in the following, we will briefly introduce VeChain and VeChainThor.
There are four staking hierarchy levels based on the number of benefits included:
1. Researcher staking
2. Expert staking
3. Architect staking
4. Ethical hacker staking


HAI token Fearture
∑ CyberBootCamp
A unique educational program on the main cybersecurity topics including Account Management, Anti-Phishing, Privacy and many more. Serving as an introductory journey to HackenAI, users will learn how to stay secured and get to know essential basics about all things cybersecurity locally and on the web.
∑ Password Manager
Using advanced encryption, you can backup your passwords and store them in HackenAIís secure storage in just one click. The HackenAI secure storage is secured against all forms of cyberattacks, including sim-swaps, viruses, malware and more.
∑ DarkNet Monitoring
DarkNet Monitoring is an identity theft prevention product that enables you to monitor your identity information on the dark web and receive notifications if your information is compromised or found online.
∑ Digital Assets Wallet
Easily send, receive and store your digital assets and cryptocurrencies on your device. The HackenAI Digital Wallet is secured with advanced encryption technology and supports many different blockchains, including VeChainThor and more. The main place to store and stake your HAI tokens, exclusive NFT collectibles.
∑ 2FA
Two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an additional security layer for end users ó helping to address the vulnerabilities of a standard password-only approach.
∑ Secured Storage
Secured Storage is a tool that safely stores your sensitive data, such as notes, screenshots, files, private keys, bank card information and others. Data is encrypted by AES-256 on the client-side and synchronized with the HakenAI server already in encrypted form. Access to data is possible only on the userís devices.

HakenAI & VeChain
In the summer of 2016, Vechain released the first official version of its platform on Etherium. Two years later, the VeChain Foundation decided to move the project to its own blockchain. Accordingly, in February 2018, Vechainís name was changed to VeChainThor (VTHO) and its original token was named VET. Vechain is a blockchain network designed to improve supply chain management and business processes. Vechainís goal is to facilitate these processes and flow information to complex supply chains using a distributed general ledger. The blockchain of this cryptocurrency is a public blockchain that uses the Proof of Authority algorithm. Vechain uses internal management to support the network, using user authentication and polling.

Why VeChain:
In the project whitepaper, the main reasons for using VeChain blockchain are explained in detail, which are introduced below for your study:

HAI Staker Program
The HackenAI staking program has two main goals:
Bring actual value to partners in the form of free cybersecurity services,
Build a partnership network for HackenAI promotion.
There are four staking hierarchy levels based on the number of benefits included:
Researcher staking
Expert staking
Architect staking
Ethical hacker staking
Staking begins on 20 April 2020. Users are encouraged to lock in their staking tier prior to 1 August 2020 to take full benefits of the early bird pricing. The staking amount is pegged to USD and nominated in round HAI figures, which is adjusted every 3 months. If one stake for 6 months, received the lifetime subscription and then stops staking, they continue receiving the free subscription but cannot stake again and do not qualify for future staking benefits.

Products and Services
The Hacken platform boasts itself for distributing personalized security solutions across the globe. They send highly trained teams to assist users in navigating the internet without hackersí threats. Among the services rendered include Anti-phishing bot which blocks and shuts down fraudulent sites, emails, accounts, etc. It comes in three packages under free, standard, and premium toolkits. Each has a set of functions accessible to clients based on value.
The Free Tool Kit welcomes new members while gathering wallet details. Both the standard and premium packages come at a higher price, but the former has two free functions to offer.
The Hacken hub also carries outsmart contracts audit to validate and approve a transaction before processing it on the blockchain.
What is Hackenís Business Plan?
Hacken has a road map, which is below.

HackenAI Team
Hackenís top executive team has decorated members with massive experience and high training. Among them includes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dmytro Budorin whose expertise ranges from military defense to advanced accounting. He has worked eight years for Deloitte Limited doing audits, managing various projects and implementing ERP. The award-winning professional has vast military connections and is responsible for all managerial decisions and strategic goals at Hacken.
Hacken is cooperating with industry leaders such as CoinMarketCap, Bitfury, and Etherscan to promote cybersecurity, accountability, and transparency of the blockchain and IT industry. It is the only cybersecurity partner of the Coinmarketcap Data alliance. It also has partnerships with the US Department of Defence, AirAsia, and TradingView.
The Hacken community serves clients with precise and updated materials as well as innovative models that accommodate real-time information. Their advanced algorithms and predictive cryptosystems aim at identifying and eliminating threats. They also prevent attacks or cyber threats that terrorize investors

Token sale and economics
HackenAI initial exchange offering (IEO) will officially start on April 13 on the OceanEx Exchange.
Token Sale Period: ∑ 21:00, Apr. 13th, 2020 (UTC+8) ó 21:00, Apr. 14th, 2020 (UTC+8).
Token Name: HAI
Token Sale Hard Cap: 400,000 USD
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 HAI
OceanEx GO!ís Allocation: ∑ 40,000,000 HAI (4% of total token supply)
Subscription Token: VET
Public Sale Token Price: 1 HAI = 0.01 USD (price in VET will be determined within 72 hours before the token sale)
More details on the IEO in this HackenAI Medium article.
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