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Author Topic: 🤖 LoxNFT is revolutionizing the NFT Industry, incorporating AI and Machine Lear  (Read 12 times)


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LoxNFT is fair launching soon, an easy to use NFT Creation platform that adapts art and other forms of media for exclusive NFTs that can be sold on their marketplace which is coming in the 2nd half of the year, they have a working prototype with a use case! Can’t get any better than that.

They are aiming to fair launch soon, and becoming one of the biggest players in the NFT industry! Be sure to join the TG for updates, and contract as soon as it launches. 

According to their website:

We are using BigGan and StyleGan along with some additional open source machine learning libraries to handle the backend (leveraging the flexibility of GCP). Ai is a Technology with huge potential for mass adoption. They’ve solved a huge problem in the NFT industry by making their NFT’s customizable!

They are also making an ecommerence platform to interact with creators and buy their NFT drops!: "

Behind the scenes, we are working on launching a full on platform (ecommerce exchange with a social aspect to it) where our Ai will be at the heart of it to become the industry leader in all NFT related trades. This is a long term project with great growth potential in the coming 6 months.”

They also have a great long term vision in their roadmap, saying: "Once our Ai is fully trained and can be adjusted as we get more users, we will release our own marketplace which will use $LoxNFT as the native token for trading. We also are hoping to improve our Ai to be able to process videos and output animated NFTs.

While, we will start as a simple "turn your pictures into an artistic NFT", we understand that real growth is located in a platform solution which can handle creation, and a marketplace with a social aspect to it where you can follow your favorite creators and buy/sell directly from them. A solid platform can only grow with a real technical advantage over its competitors."


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