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Author Topic: Who Will Be the Crypto Hotmail?  (Read 122 times)


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Who Will Be the Crypto Hotmail?
« on: June 14, 2020, 04:15:33 PM »

The internet started its life over 30 years ago, and since then, it has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. Today, it underpins virtually everything we do. In fact, itís difficult to imagine our lives without it. The march of technology continues, and we have reached a crossroads. A different technology evolution that I predict is likely to have a similar impact on all our lives is blockchain, and if you havenít seen its potential, you arenít looking closely.

Skeptics keep asking the same questions over and over again about blockchain: Why is no one using it? What will people do with digital assets? When will people buy products with Bitcoin (BTC)? These questions are now so commonplace that they are fast becoming a cure for insomnia.

We are looking in the wrong place. If we think we will soon have the ability to directly buy products on Amazon using Bitcoin, we will not ó although Amazon does allow you to buy gift cards with the crypto asset.

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