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Author Topic: Margin Cryptocurrency Trading - Get High Profit with Low Investment  (Read 98 times)


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Margin trading is a high-risk, high reward practise. There are a number of risks unique to the cryptocurrency market that should be factored into any leveraged crypto trading risk strategy. The crypto market is largely unregulated when contrasted with traditional markets. Itís not uncommon to observe both the short and long squeezes or price manipulation in the Bitcoin margin trading ecosystem.

The inherently volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market makes long term trades far riskier than traditional markets. All crypto margin trades consist of short-term leveraged positions. Unlike, traditional markets, crypto markets exhibit extreme volatility or short-term fluctuations. Itís essential to calculate the amount of price movement that would result in the liquidation of a position before opening it. Using the new Trade Herald, the 100x leverage trading exchange where a user gets the opportunity to diversify once portfolio with 100 trading pairs. You can also trade with zero trading fees on all trades.


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