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Author Topic: [ANN] TheoremCoin | LAUNCHED | X11 | POW/POS | Stealth Address |  (Read 1205 times)


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TheoremCoin - "THEO"
Algo - X11
60 Second Block Time
20% Annual Interest / Minimum - 1 Hour / Max - Unlimited
3% Premine = 171,900 - 1% "57,300" For Bounties - 2% "114,600" For Development
Premine address: TW8jAxEDqHSnTXkCx21EpDRyAQagaujX6D

Block 2-99: 0 Coins "Fair Launch"
Block 100-1440: 1000 Coins "Day 1"
Block 1441-2880: 750 Coins "Day 2"
Block 2881-4320: 500 Coins "Day 3"
Block 4321-5760: 750 Coins "Day 4"
Block 5761-7200: 1000 Coins "Day 5"

RPC PORT: 32669
No need for addnodes, we have solid nodes hard coded!

The qt-wallet has had a complete makeover.

The Theorem development team is a group of four.  We are delivering a sexy new qt wallet with the newest crypto features packed in to one wallet.
Unlike others we are launching with stealth address, encrypted chat, block explorer, coin stats and network stats.
Other features will be added in the near future but we will take a vote as a community for additions.
Our goal with Theorem is to implement new ideas and achieve results.
Join us in the adventure to test what is possible.

Windows Wallet Download

Mac Wallet Download

Linux Wallet Download

Github Source

Coming Soon


Premine address: TW8jAxEDqHSnTXkCx21EpDRyAQagaujX6D

Q:  ed_teech asked:  Whats new with this coin ? Shitcoin ?
A:  Shit coin, no.  Our goal with Theorem is to provide the community with an innovative feature packed crypto currency.
We wonít stop there, and will continue to work hard, bringing you the best.

Q:  Delibash asked: Launch delayed?
A: We rescheduled the launch do to server issues at our location which presented complications. 
Our aim is to provide a seamless launch.

Q:  stregz22ru asked:  Dev --what are the plans of promotion?
A:  Our near term plans will be to have our authenticity verified. 
We canít tell you all our secrets now, otherwise there would be nothing left to promote.

Q:  stregz22ru asked:  What is different from the others coin's?
A:  Theorem is launching some of the industries favorite features from the start.
New and exciting features will be added in the weeks to come.

Q:  Bfljosh asked:  3% premine?
A:  3% for development is in fact is too low.  Whatís the dollar value cost per year on real development? 
We feel this is a very fair percentage and Theorem supporters will benefit greatly from it.
Also a question for Bfljosh?  Didn't your company take pre-orders to fund development?

Q:  Bfljosh asked:  Newbie dev account?
A:  Sure, where does one begin on bitcointalk. This is a newbie account but with real developers behind it.

Q:  Bfljosh asked:  self moderated topic?
A:  Yes, we want to protect our investment and protect the Theorem supporters from lies, fud and fraud.

Q:  Bathrobehero asked:  Why x11?
A:  To be honest we took all the algorithms and put them in a hat, shook it up and made a pick.

Coming Soon

Block Explorer



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