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Author Topic: Opet airdrop (jointly with the Coinsbit exchange) ~50 dollars  (Read 75 times)


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Very interesting airdrop, because the token is already on the exchange
Therefore, such generosity cannot be missed.
-New users of the Coinsbit exchange will receive $ 50 tokens
-Users who already have Coinsbit registration will receive $ 25 tokens.
-Need to have \ make registration on the Coinsbit exchange (standard identity verification is required)
!!!! to register, follow the link:
!!!! If you are already registered, then just follow the link in the bot:
subscribe to a couple of groups in Telegram
and create a post mentioning OPET in any social network.
Send bot your Coinsbit nickname and link to your post
according to the example that the bot will indicate.
Here is an example of my post:
The bounty is held from May 13 to June 29
Tokens will be frozen for 50 days
Wallet you can specify any ERC-20


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