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Author Topic: [AMANPURI] What is AMANPURI partner label program? (200+ Partner now!!)  (Read 149 times)


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Join now & Receive Daily Dividend in BTC [btc] (Apply sheet)

AMANPURI EXCHANGE Ecosystem is rapidly expanding globally now, so we are launching a Partner Label program which comes in different field.

What's benefit for Partner?
AMANPURI Exchange has collaborated with partners in various countries and expanding to the world now, in order to encourage partners who complete their daily tasks, we hold a partner Label Program for limited number of participants.

Partners will be able to receive Dividend Perpetual AMAL depend on task end of the period.
(You'll be able to receive BTC [btc] DAILY if you HODL 10,000 AMAL.)

Recruiting partners:

We are looking for users / traders who are active in various fields.
Challenge and choose your favorite style, grow up with Amanpuri Exchange Ecosystem.
・ KOL/Influencer  
・ Affiliate marketing
・ Media (blogger and media)

Partnership rewards system:

・ Rewards according to the number of followers and influence of each partner.
We will make individual judgements.
*Please note that you  can understand the functions and features of AMANPURI from the white paper or OnePager.
*If the frequency of posts is lower than internal regulations, the distributed AMAL will be returned.

Partnership conditions:

・ Basically understand the functions of Amanpuri Exchange and has capacity to introduce Amanpuri Exchange for users in your own community.
-The AMAL received from the promotion partnership program can get dividend. (To receive dividends, you must have 10,000 AMAL or more.)
・ If you hold 10,000 AMAL or more, you can receive a daily BTC dividend. However, AMAL cannot be sold.
・ Improper or underperforming partners may be deprived of their partnership and return AMAL with dividend rights
・ However, referral fee obtained through referral will not be affected.
Recruit Amanpuri Exchange promotion partnership and grow up with the Amanpuri.

If you wants to be our partner, we'll deposit 1,000~50,000 AMAL.
(in the beginning they have 5,000 AMAL. So it's easy to reach 10,000 AMAL and will get BTC daily.)
*if you won't work seriously we can take back those AMAL.


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The number of new registrations to Amanpuri is growing with more and more partners.


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