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Author Topic: 🆕 | Gambling dapp builder 🎱 Build own dapp on Ethereum / Tron  (Read 44 times)


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8coins | ethereum and tron dapp builder
build your own gambling dapp without coding

This is an invitation to test our new gambling dApp builder and dApp API + games.

🐣 At the moment we have opened an access to one kind of dApp on Ethereum and Tron networks + additional UI, after successful tests we will open more dapps.

🎱 8COINS | play & win, build & earn -

Play provably fair blockchain games on Ethereum or Tron network, or build your own games and earn ETH/TRX.

🎓 How to build your own gambling dapp (tutorial) -

🎦 Some videos:

🆒 Main features:

Play on 2 networks - Ethereum and Tron

Build your own games on 2 networks - Ethereum and Tron

Jackpots - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

Referral program - ETH, TRX

Centralized support system

Easy-to-use DAPP builder (ETH/TRX)

Easy games management

Game's control panel

Customizing game's UI

Custom localization - add your own translation (WYSIWYG editor)...

...or choose ready translation from catalog

Auto-generated HTML codes and ready HTML files for embedding game to your website

Completely "white-label" - no our logos or links

You can also download our plain template and create a completely own layout / design

We have several games ready to launch but we begin with only one game to test the main functions and potentially improve code.

Future plans:

Add at least 1 game / month (both builder and play area)

Add more designs / layouts - animated & minimalistic


Add p2p games & lotteries (to builder and play area)

Improve UI

Improve chat

Add more networks

This is not another copy/paste - the project is being made from scratch. We know every line of our code.

This is not an ICO. We do have tokens for owners but do not sell them at the moment (though we can consider really good offers).

No bounty program. We do not have any tasks. See below how you can earn with us.


Our main focus at the moment is careful development and organic growth.
We have long-term plans for this project and will keep going till we get a perfectly working, stable system.
Quality is always over quantity.

We do not promise quick responses here because we do not have a community manager.

This is NOT a support forum. With any technical issues please contact us via website. We will try to solve them ASAP.

Telegram channel -
Twitter -
Youtube channel -
Medium -

Find us in TronLink mobile wallet (go to Discover, type '8coins' - we are there).

💵 How you can earn with us

1. Build your own game and earn

Create your own game in minutes, adjust options, add translation if you want - and start earning. (This is especially good if there are not many localized dapps in your language.)

2. Referral program

Join our referral program - get your referral link, share and get paid in ETH/TRX for each bet.

Instant payments to your ETH or TRX wallet.

How to join referral program:

1) If you have both ETH and TRX wallets:
Code: [Select]
2) If you have only one of the wallets just ignore another one like this:
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
3)  You can also get your referral link and QR code at
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Thank you for your interest.

Another game will be added around next week. It will be Rock/Scissors/Paper game.

And we plan to add p2p games within July.

Any questions feel free to contact us.


BTW we think of selling up to 20% in the project to boost the development. Shares of the project are tokenized and 100% protected.


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