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Tozex, The first sustainable alternative to ICOs and STOs

The French crypto asset financing platform which allows users to manage token sales, investment, and trading, has announced the first sustainable alternative to ICOs and STOs by the name of Believers Reward Offering (BRO).

Blockchain on Its Way to Becoming Mainstream
With the impacts of COVID-19 still ravaging financial markets and trillions being deployed by governments and central banks to stem the economic carnage, one cannot help but wonder if this is cryptocurrency’s breakout moment. This unstable environment seems ripe for cryptocurrency to come out of the shadows and become a viable asset class and legitimate alternative to our fiat-based economies.
Since the first blockchain advocates began promoting the technology’s capabilities over a decade ago, leaders across industries have often seemed unsure what to do with it. But this is changing according to Deloitte's published Global Blockchain Survey: Blockchain gets down to business (registration required). According to the research there is a shared recognition across enterprises and industries that blockchain can be a pragmatic solution to business problems across industries and use cases. Even leaders wary of tech-based solutions have come to see the larger, transformational importance of the technology.

A world towards tokenizing assets
The world of digital currencies has been around for several years, and since the advent of the concept of digital currencies, the world of business and investment has faced a new option and platform for activity and investment; So many people around the world are now investing in the digital currency market and working on this platform; On the other hand, with the emergence of this field and the increase of investors' desire to work in it, many new and different concepts and issues have been created; These include the concept of tokenization of assets; this concept has recently received a great deal of attention; therefore, in this article we intend to acquaint you with the nature of this concept and its various aspects. Please stay with us until the end of the article.

Tokenize assets in blockchain
To better understand the concept of tokenization of assets in blockchain, we use a real-world example.
Keep in mind that you have an asset as a home; In fact, this house belongs to you. The price of the house is about 300 thousand dollars; in the meantime, you, as the owner of the house, need some money; The money you need is about $ 100,000; on the other hand, you have no choice but to sell the house to make that $ 100 million, but you are basically against selling the house and you don't want to lose your assets; In this scenario, what do you need to do to be able to both maintain ownership of your home and make the money you need?
In such a situation, the concept of tokenization of assets helps you.

The concept of asset tokenization is that a person can divide his capital (in the example above, the house) into tokens with specific values; And by selling a certain amount of them, make the money you want; In the above scenario, for example, the house price was $ 300,000; You can divide your home into 300 million tokens (or any amount you have in mind); That way, each token will cost $ 1; Because 300 million Tomans has divided its assets into 300 million parts; And so the price of each token, or in other words, your share, will be $ 1.

Insert tokens in blockchain
Now that you have been able to turn your capital into a token; This capital enters the blockchain, in other words, the digital currency market; in the meantime, as mentioned above, you need $ 100,000. Therefore, by selling 100 million of your tokens in the digital currency market, you can invest about 100 million tomans, and on the other hand, you will still be able to own the bulk of your home ownership. Without having to sell the whole house.
In this regard, keep in mind that you will lose as much of the tokens related to your assets; In the same way, your share of the house will be less; of course, after you have used 100 million tomans to meet your needs; You can get the same amount of capital in the future and buy your sold tokens again.

Initial token offerings (ITOs)
Initial token offerings (ITOs), also called initial coin offerings (ICOs), token launches or token generation events, are one of the latest trends in financial services. ITOs have emerged out of the increasing use of distributed ledgers and blockchain technology, the software that underpins cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.
The ITO is one of the most popular ways to raise capital by expanding cryptocurrencies. The sudden and dramatic rise in the market value of cryptocurrencies in 2017 threw blockchain technology into the world's financial ecosystem. This led to the entry of various groups, including legislators, innovators, and even profiteers. The rise of blockchain technology and related products has led the public to think that almost anything can be presented in a decentralized way, and that the only prerequisite for doing so is to build and finance blockchain platforms.
As a result of all of the above, a year full of initial coin offerings (ICOs) began. This phrase is actually the same as crowdfunding in the traditional financial system. In mass investment, many people invest small amounts in a project or project. In this way, the entrepreneur first introduces his idea on a website; It then uses a platform of people who want to invest in the idea to invest their money in it to raise the initial capital to run the idea.

Security Token Offerings (STOs)
The Security Token Offerings, called STOs, is becoming increasingly popular among digital currency enthusiasts. While there is much ambiguity about ICOs, STOs are somewhat skeptical of this space and are expected to legally provide free access to investor capital.
Securities tokens represent financial securities such as stock exchanges, bonds, and various forms of digital assets. For example, if we consider stock market stocks, when an investor buys company stocks, those stocks represent the percentage of shareholder ownership in that company. This ownership usually brings a series of financial rights, such as the right to vote and the right to receive dividends, to the investor.
The STO process can be considered in the same way, except that here the investor buys a token that represents his ownership of the company in question. The main difference is that STOs use China's blockchain technology to record transactions, which represent the transfer of ownership from one person to another. In this case, any dividend payment can also be recorded on the Chinese block.

The difference between STO and ICO
The similarity between STO and ICO is that tokens are offered in both processes. The main difference between the two processes is rooted in the classification of issued tokens.
ICOs issued tokens are usually classified as functional tokens that provide access to services or products issued by the company. Consider Augur, for example; Investors in the project launched the ICO in August 2015, offering the platform's token, REP, instead of Bitcoin or Ether. Investors of the project were not able to use the token to participate in the network until the main network of this digital currency was launched in July 2018. REP tokens allow users to trade, report, and discuss event results.
In contrast, people who participate in STOs are mostly investors, not regular users. STOs have a key advantage that makes them a promising mechanism for raising capital that entrepreneurs and companies will choose in the future, because in this way compared to other mechanisms, access to capital is very much for investors. Easier provided.
Entrepreneurs can, as far as the law allows, issue tokens that provide a percentage of ownership in their investment. The main difference between this process and the hot ICO of 2017 is that the tokens issued in STOs represent the real shares of the companies in question.
The recent move by Hacker Noon, a well-known digital currency digital media publication, to raise capital is a great example of the STO's ability to attract capital that can be applied. The project is currently in the process of completing its capital collection process, in which investors will instead receive a securities investment in the form of a Hacker Noon token.
STOs seek to liberalize the process of raising funds for projects in a way that is illegal, and ICOs have failed to do so. Digitalizing securities brings fundamental benefits such as increased liquidity and faster refinancing time.
The explosion and proliferation of ICOs in 2017 played an important role in the emergence of STOs and taught everyone the possibility of a token economy. STOs have the potential to fully realize such a vision.

TOZEX Ecosystem
“TOZEX is a combination of a "Tokenpad" decentralized export module and a trading module with an integrated decentralized order book to set up a cryptocurrency-based investment campaign (ICO, STO and Assumption)”
TOZEX provides a reliable, transparent and user-friendly platform for export, credit and business. Integrated management of the phases of the token life cycle creates a highly efficient ecosystem that satisfies the interests of all stakeholders in this token-based economic zone and creates an innovative ecosystem of the interests of all stakeholders, including token exporters. Protects investors and traders.
With the TOZEX platform, everyone will be able to create a token, list it and trade it. Each token is produced, listed, and traded only if the project meets technical, financial, and regulatory requirements. Each project is approved by the Control Committee, which consists of technical, financial and legal journals. With Tozex, as a crypto asset platform, token sale, investment and trading can be managed in the same ecosystem.
Tozex protocol smart contracts borrow stable cryptocurrencies secured by digital assets from international investors in a transparent way. This reduces market manipulation risks, ensures equality for all participants, and reduces the number of ICO fraud cases. In addition, the mechanism ensures full implementation of the agreement between the investor's lenders and the borrowers. In fact, Tozex is a fundraising platform that uses blockchain technology to raise SME's capital. Tozex allows companies to create a cryptocurrency-based investment campaign to finance their small and medium-sized projects with the commercial market.
The Tokenpad Decentralized Module provides the ability to distribute, manage, and distribute tokens without the help and trust of an expensive third party. Using an open source library of smart contracts, this module facilitates the use of Blockchain technology to issue and distribute tokens.

Believers Reward Offering (BRO) Benefits
The following are some of the most important features of BRO:
• Believers Reward Offering allows non-crypto jobs to Tokenize their assets and face a new way of securing credit.

• BRO also makes it possible for users to reduce pump and dump practices.

• By granting equal treatment to all contributors, BRO supports growth and limits volatility—a feature that we couldn't even dream of before and the absence of which consequently made many market players unfriendly towards the new technologies.

• Rewards are paid in periods and there is a gap between the loan and the first repayment (breathing period to repay the loan).

• Each transaction has its own time period. In fact, each of the participants has its own start and end date, so the company does not have to pay all the loans at the same time. The start date is calculated separately for each participant, depending on the borrowing date.

• The financial tolls used in BRO act as a stabilization system in maintaining Tozex tokens.

• The mechanism used in BROs allows companies to raise their capital without getting stuck in the difficult and inevitable problems of the ICO or STO process. These investments are received in the form of stablecoin.

Believers Reward Offering (BRO) Key Features:
• As a suitable and reliable alternative for ICO and STO

• Investors have no control over the company

• Invest as stablecoin

• Equal and fair conditions for all investors

• Growth and expansion of the project community

• Existence of appropriate procedures in the prepayment process (already planned)

• Positive impact on the project

• Available to investors from anywhere in the world

• Attract investors

Tozex’s Team
With regards to the team project Tozex, then there is a very strong core team:

Tozex’s Roadmap
In the picture below, the project roadmap gas been described:

Token info
Ticker: TOZ
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Total supply: 30000000
Token Distribution:

Official Resources


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Thank you for the detailed review of Tezox, what do you think makes the difference for this platform compared to some other ecosystems: Token creation - ICO support - Listing - Transaction? And which factors will make Tozex successful?


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Thank you for the detailed review of Tezox, what do you think makes the difference for this platform compared to some other ecosystems: Token creation - ICO support - Listing - Transaction? And which factors will make Tozex successful?
Thanks for your attention. I really like the idea behind of the project and think that can affect token sale process.


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