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Author Topic: 💰 FaucetBitcoin💰 | Newer, Better Project!  (Read 90 times)

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💰 FaucetBitcoin💰 | Newer, Better Project!
« on: February 05, 2020, 11:25:31 PM »
Referral Rewards: 25%
Gateway: WalCrypt, FaucetPay, Direct Payments! Adding More!
Started: 2020-02-02

Our Story:
The owner was once a faucet user himself, one day. He dreamed.. to be apart of the faucet world. Having to own a faucet site. So.. he started small, been very successful. Now working towards creating a well-established website once again, for all users to be able to enjoy lots of features where you cannot find on other sites!
With his experience of being a previous faucet user, he knows what exactly users love and enjoy. Such as fun ways to make Bitcoin, and now.. we are trying our best to suit all users. But if you have any suggestions, you can create a support ticket, and we will be very pleased to hear from your suggestions!

Features we offer for users and advertisers:
• Offer Walls - We have got lots of offer walls for our users. Features like Automatic crediting system, Referral commisions & Advanced security are available for our users.
• Advanced Anti-Cheat System - Detects all cheats 24/7. Analiyzes members, referral connections, Anti-Proxy API, Anti-Fraud system. 100% automatic. Users must watch your ads to get paid.
• Videos - Connections with DailyMotion and earn you watch videos. Different Gold Coins (Site Currency) rates for different countries.
• Traffic Exchange - We have Traffic Exchange feature on the site and offer massive traffic for your website: Anonymous/Direct traffic. Subpages support. Autosurf link available, Stats & graphs.
• Giftcards - We offer withdrawals in Giftcards. Companies like Apple, Netflix, Minecraft, Microsoft and much more are available as an option!
• Provably-dice game - Provably-fair dice game integrated to the site, available for users 18+ to gamble. (By using the feature, you attest that you are at least 18 years old)
• Cryptocurrency Wallets - Secure multi-cryptocurrency supported wallets, mainstream currencies like LTC, DOGE, XRP, BCH available.
• Mail Verification - Advanced security to your account, making sure you confirm before withdrawing or changing any important information.
• Advanced Captcha Security - Blocks out any bots or any people trying to steal your account.
• Earn With Facebook (Coming Soon!) - Earn by liking fanpages or posts. All made automatic, Instant crediting, "Earn with one click". Advertisers can advertise fanpages & buy likes. Filters Available: Age, Friends, etc.
• Impeccable PTC - Users can enjoy earning using excellent design. Our Paid-To-Click ads also made perfect for advertisers: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Advanced stats.
• Membership System - Upgrades available for you to maximise your profit on the site, or earn even more with your referrals!
• Many Payment Processors - Full Integration: PayPal, Perfect Money, & Payeer. Instant order crediting, live balances, 1-click payout 100% instant & automatic.
• Forums - The most powerful forum integrated into Connected with the login system, user statistics, achievements, etc.
• 3 Leveled Referral System - Indirect Referral System: 1-3 referral levels supported. All commisions included in the system (PTC, CPA/GPT, Offerwalls, Videos, Ad Buying, Upgrading, etc.)
• Achievement System - Earn more than just money: Custom Achievements/Trophies, Rare Roles, Multiple gaining possibilites!
• Mulitple Currencies - Lots currencies supported, fast exchange between purchasing or advertising balance.
• Cheap AdPack Ads - Purchase our competitively priced AdPack Ads. Full & detailed statistics, colors, geo-taregting, starred ads can be included.
• Chatbox / Shoutbox - Communicate with the users on the website easily, advanced moderation system.
• Support Tickets - We reply to our support tickets within 24 hours. Multiple departments available to fulfil your requests or questions!
• Search (Temporarily Suspended) - Earn by searching on Yahoo search engine. Different Gold Coins (Site Currency) rates for different countries, Restrictions, Anti-Cheat system.

We plan on adding, even more, features like web mining, we are very focused on making our users make the most out of our site while enjoying the clean and aesthetically pleasing designs of the website.
We are also experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

•  Professional support departments - If you require any assistance or simply any suggestions, just create a support ticket and we will reply ASAP!
•  Instant services - We aim to provide a fast and instant service for all our users.
•  High traffic - Lots of users registering every day.
•  Innovative ideas.

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Re: 💰 FaucetBitcoin💰 | Newer, Better Project!
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2020, 11:24:31 PM »
We have got a referral contest going on for the site, +15,000 satoshi for grab! Join us for more information!

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Re: 💰 FaucetBitcoin💰 | Newer, Better Project!
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2020, 03:47:58 PM »
Another referral contest is on, this time with over 55,000 satoshis for grab, join us now! The faucet is also boosted by 100% for the weekend! Make more with the faucet now!


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