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Author Topic: Cowrium Pre-ICO Phase IV is Live: Here’s All You Need to Know  (Read 67 times)


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We are glad to announce that the Cowrium pre-ICO has now entered the fourth phase, starting from April 1, 2020. Those, who missed the chance to invest in the ICO during the phase 3 sale that ended in March, can now invest in the new ICO with bigger benefits.

Here’s all you need to know about the ongoing pre-ICO phase IV of Cowrium.

What is Cowrium?

Cowrium is a blockchain platform backed by a multidimensional cryptocurrency, the Cowrie token, that will soon launch a series of futuristic solutions for professionals in crypto trading and various other industries. The Cowrium platform is designed to help individuals and small businesses (SMEs) who are looking for ways to easily and conveniently integrate blockchain into their systems.

Sounds easy? It’s not. Finding and integration the right blockchain solutions can be a cumbersome and very expensive task without the right method. We at Cowrium are trying to develop that method.

Through the Cowrium platform, individuals and companies will not only be able to find and buy the best blockchain solutions/products for their personal/professional growth but also they will be allowed to build their own blockchain-based decentralized apps on the platform.

The Cowrie token

The Cowrie token or CWR is what links the different Cowrium apps and the users with each other through a convenient and low-cost payment method. It’s a digital currency that you can use for making payments within the Cowrium ecosystem as well as with many other merchants and service providers worldwide.

What is Cowrium ICO?

Well, building great things needs money, a lot of it, which is why we are conducting this ICO (Initial token Offering) as a way to raise funds for our high-potential project.

If you’re interested in the project, want to become a part of it or just want to invest your money in something meaningful and earn good profits at the same time, you are welcome to invest in the Cowrium ICO.

Cowrium ICO Investor/Buyer Benefits

Wondering about the benefits of investing in the Cowrium ICO sale or but the Cowrie token? Here you go.

Well, for one, the ICO is the best time to buy any cryptocurrency, as you get the lowest price for the token along with bonus tokens. In the case of CWR (Cowrie), the token price is $0.0425 per token (as compared to the market price of $0.07/token) during the ICO. There is also a bonus of up to 30% for investors.

CWR is a utility token, which essentially gives you access to the Cowrium’s multidimensional platform, along with the ability to use the token for money transfer, payments, etc. globally.

As an investor, you can benefit from the rise in the value of CWR later on. Once the project becomes famous and the demand is higher, the CWR price will increase and so will the investor profits.

How to participate

Convinced yet? Participate in the Cowrium ICO in 3 easy steps:

>Visit the website
>Click on the Purchase Now button.
>Register, login, and you’re all set to start buying.

For help or to know more about the Cowrium project, visit
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