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Author Topic: Guide for RS07 Easter Event 2020 with Quests Walkthrough  (Read 31 times)


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Guide for RS07 Easter Event 2020 with Quests Walkthrough
« on: April 10, 2020, 03:30:09 AM »
OSRS Easter Event 2020 has been released in game to celebrate Easter this year. In this event, players must help street magician The Disappointing Gelt, whose top hat is uncontrollably spewing out rabbits.

How to complete OSRS Easter 2020?

1. Talk to The Disappointing Gelt by the fountain of eastern Falador just south of the Party Room.
2. Head west to Bunbridge Castle, and speak to Duke Rabbacio on the 1st floor.
3. Speak to Paws next door.
4. Get a conch shell on the south-west side of the island
5. Get a broken egg in the farmhouse on the north-east side of the island by the chickens.
6. Use the broken egg on the conch shell. Head to the top floor of the castle and use the unpainted fake magic egg on the paint buckets to obtain the painted fake magic egg.
7. Return to Paws.
8. Speak to the Duke.
9. Exit the portal, and speak to The Disappointing Gelt one more time to complete the event.

The Rabbit's Assistant Post-event quest

1. Talk to the Rabbit Chef on the ground floor of the castle.
2. Get a carrot in the house directly south-east of the castle.
3. Get a cabbage in Farmer Maggot's field on the north-eastern corner of the island.
4. Get a cake on the north-western corner of the island.
5. Return to the Rabbit Chef to complete the quest, which rewards five easter eggs.

The Restless Goat Post-event quest

1. Talk to Father Buckerek in the church of the egg.
2. Head to small stone building directly south. Inspect the grave to find out that the ground beneath the gravestone looks disturbed.
3. Inspect the grave closer.
4. Cross the bridge towards the east onto the beach and pick up the broken goat horn.
5. Return to restless goat with the horn back to complete the quest, which rewards five easter eggs.

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