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Author Topic: Bitspawn Network - Esports Advancement Platform  (Read 118 times)


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Bitspawn Network - Esports Advancement Platform
« on: April 07, 2020, 01:45:23 PM »
Bitspawn’s Solution:

Premier esports experience accessible online globally.
Technologically adaptive platform.
User-focused, community-driven.
Self-sustaining ecosystem.
Bitspawn enables greater community control, scalability, and player independence.
Integrated payment processing system with game data automation is our competitive advantage.
We want to level the playing field in the esports market and give all players equal opportunity to compete.
Our platform enables players to connect directly with sponsors and advertisers to help them build their personal brand.
Amateur players can earn an income off competing without having to resort to streaming.
Future Vision:

We aim to make esports accessible to all gamers.
Bitspawn addresses the increasingly pronounced need for socialization and collaboration between players, consumers, organizations, and companies in esports.
As an infrastructure-oriented solution, we are unlocking the possibility for hundreds of millions of gamers, millions of teams, tens of thousands of sponsors, advertisers and organizers to securely connect with each other and become a part of the global esports ecosystem.
The core values of Bitspawn have been selected on the basis of providing a solution to issues associated with the unprotected rights of esports participants, fixing esports' broken business model (fragmented ecosystem creates complexity, friction and misalignment between involved parties), and esports' increasingly polarized ecosystem.


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