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Author Topic: Blockchain Of Things (BCoT)  (Read 112 times)


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Blockchain Of Things (BCoT)
« on: April 06, 2020, 01:30:26 PM »
Blockchain of things is the fusion of blockchain and the internet of things. BCoT is an important milestone in the blockchain technology that ensures the security of IoT controlled devices. The future really lies on IoT devices which makes our real-life environment a more technological environment. Blockchain of things comes up with an idea of integrating the blockchain and IoT altogether to make the undisputable tech combo. The blockchain implementation in the IoT field helps to record the important data as immutable one. The blockchain of things is practically possible in a bit technical way.

The IoT devices are simply sensors which are connected to a Rasberry Pi module. So the role performed by blockchain over IoT devices is the collection and contamination of data generated by the IoT sensors.

The IoT sensors transmit data over the HTTP/MQTT protocol to the Rasberry Pi. The blockchain acts as the medium between these two modules. The blockchain receives the sensor data in JSON format and transmits the data to the blockchain smart contract. The smart contract push that data in the corresponding blockchain in JSON format. After data gets entered into the blockchain the data is passed to the Rasberry Pi.

The entire IoT enabled device data is getting transferred to the blockchain through MQTT protocol.

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