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Author Topic: ✅ [ANN] MentX MENTX 🌍 Maintain, Educate, Nourish, Transmit and eXchange ✅  (Read 429 times)


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    MENTX aims to bring users who are left holding defunct project assets a way to not feel taken advantage of.  Our aim is to start anyone who is willing to participate, a starting point (a kind of reboot) to this project.  Evaluation and team agreement pending for defunct project community participation. (More details to come). This will make MENTX a sought after alternative not requiring exchanging (swap).  It is ‘decentralized’ because the ecosystem and transaction records live on its block-chain.

    MENTX allows for two customer use cases. It enables users to:
    1)Participate without having to truly swap coins.  What this entails is a screenshot of your desktop wallet or tip-bot and receive 333 MentX coins for them, but you keep those original coins. Records will be kept and compared to ensure no re-submissions are taken with a different user name.
    2)Users who participate, buy, trade and submit defunct projects for MENTX to evaluate for our program, will be investing in the future of all cryptocurrencies.  Involvement and communication are key.

    ●MENTX Freak Tip-bot: Once the Tip-bot is added it will act as a mobile wallet on Discord. The tip-bot will let the user have a wide range of options to use it for such as tipping, raining, soaking, and storing your MentX. The tip-bot will have a staking feature but will not be accessible, which is for the tip-bot upkeep and maintenance.  It will allow you to send payments and track them via the block-explorer.
    ●Desktop wallet  Standard Linux, Windows32, wallets for now.  Windows 64 and Mac are currently in development. Raspberry Pi may also be developed.  Staking is enabled and will reward at 33%
    ●Stake pools: In negotiations
    ●Block-Explorer: Functional and utilized for tracking payments.

    ●Launch MentX Chain
    ●Form MentX Moderators and Support
    ●Create Community Via Social Media
    ●Release A Public announcement

    ●List MentX on an Exchange
    ●Set Guideline For Evaluation of Defunct Projects
    ●Circulation Of MentX Coins

    ●Continue Development
    ●Evaluate Submitted Projects
    ●Begin Mentos Clean up via Global Green Elite Platform
    ●Publish Website under PrimeStyleLtd

    ●Plan for the year 2021 and take suggestions for continued progress and direction of the project
    ●Continue development and innovation
    ●Possible implementations on other platforms

    Total Supply:
    ●Name: MentX
    ●Ticker: MENTX
    ●Algo: Scrypt POS
    ●PoS: 33%
    ●Block Time: 120 seconds
    ●Maturity: 12 hrs
    ●Spendable: 6 blocks

    Our intent is to have MentX become an e-asset that can be utilized for goods and services here in the virtual world as well as real world. For MentX to become an accepted form of payment for all goods and services.


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  • Awesome news that our first exchange will happen in a few hours.  MentX will be available for trading on

    Also, our website is online t as PrimeStyleLtd is our parent company.  Multicolor paper can be found on the website just tick the PDF.

    You may also find us and support for MentX on Freak's Lair in Discord at


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