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Author Topic: Coin Gambling Reviews - Reviews and guides to online coin gaming  (Read 724 times)


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Coin Gambling Reviews was launched earlier this year. We are systematically reviewing the different online gaming options from the perspective of the online gambling fanatic. While we have started by reviewing Bitcoin sites we are planning to broaden our website to include the major altcoins in the near future too.

We cover all the main gaming categories, including:
- Casinos
- Slots
- Dice
- Mines
- Poker
- Sports Betting

We rate each casino on a variety of factors including Game Play, Customer Service, Anonymity and Trustworthiness. Where possible we have included screen shots too. In the future we hope that users will engage more with the reviews and share their personal experiences in the comments. You can see one of our recent reviews of BluffABit here:

We've only just joined the Bitcoin Forum, but we are hoping you can help us grow the number of reviews on our website. If you know of online gaming websites that are missing from our site, could you please let us know? We would also appreciate your comments/feedback, especially if you've had an experience with a gambling website that differs from ours!


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