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Author Topic: [SALE] ELAD Network Your Token to Real Estate  (Read 197 times)


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[SALE] ELAD Network Your Token to Real Estate
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:49:49 AM »

Everybody should possess in any event one house or a bit of property. One of the numerous advantages of putting resources into land is having the option to produce riches through gratefulness, building value, and supporting against swelling. These are the reasons why land ought to be a key part of your speculation portfolio.

House costs rise quicker than wages. House costs rise a lot quicker than wages, which implies that houses become less and more expensive. This expansion in costs prompted a gigantic increment in the measure of cash that first time purchasers spent on home loan reimbursements. A land business person or a land financial specialist to a lesser degree is somebody who effectively or inactively puts resources into land. A functioning financial specialist may purchase a property, make fixes or potentially enhancements to the property, and offer it later for a benefit.

Most real estate tycoons become so by putting resources into salary properties, not home flipping. Having numerous floods of livelihoods can empower you to rapidly extend your land speculation portfolio. On the off chance that the income is certain and the arrival you will get from that property is great, at that point it's absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

Real Estate is a for the most part safe choice for some first-time speculators. Each speculation accompanies some kind of hazard, including land. In the event that you have the way to put your cash into various land speculations, you ought to have the option to lessen your hazard significantly further.

The stage intends to offer worldwide introduction to merchants and landowners of land, just as verified engineers and organizations that will most likely submit plans for future dares to verify crowdfunding. By promoting for deals like nearby operators, lettings short like Air BnB and long like Zoopla makes access to pre-showcase openings and a rental customer stream, all the while making an interest for ELAD tokens.

This will build productivity and venture openings, cut expenses and close the wasteful time squandering. The stage will offer a wide scope of chances, which will incorporate ventures for fragmentary possession, swarm financing, p2p deals and lettings, purchase to sell ventures, new forms and land promoting.

ELAD system will make ready for the land business to receive the digital money class, as well as empower people to self-create riches in already difficult to reach markets. ELAD tokens can be utilized to take part in the trading of land, or capital and profits earned for property. Basically apply your ELAD tokens to your land of decision and get benefits from one of the top Cryptocurrencies.

The ELAD token is worked to the ERC20 standard, it is the digital currency used to take an interest in Real Estate exchanges on the ELAD Network speculation stage. ELAD tokens can be acquired during our group deal or be traded on a digital money trade once the deal is finished.

ELAD Network swarm deal is for the early financial specialists that need a digital currency that can develop with it's utilization case or approach the main Real Estate contributions on the online stage. ELAD tokens use case is property exchanges, any ELAD tokens connected through the online stage gives you the rights to acquire value and profits for land.

The ELAD token conforms to the ERC20 standard and are conveyed on the Ethereum organize, it very well may be utilized as capacity of significant worth or a mechanism of trade like bitcoin and numerous other alt coins, the EQ coin is an ERC20 good clone token with additional usefulness that is the security token.
- ELAD tokens can be purchased with both fiat or cryptographic forms of money and can be exchanged and put away through trades like different altcoins.
- ELAD tokens will be changed over to EQ coins on the ELAD stage for financial specialists to take an interest in partial possession and crowdfunding of land.

The ELAD Network stage will utilize EQ coins to set up market tops on individual properties, figure speculator rate possession and secure financial specialists structure vacillations in the cost of Crypto money.
The EQ coins are to :
1. Ensure singular land value and liquidity.
2. Permit exchanges on set up land without influencing different financial specialists.
3. Give monetary and rights to land.
EQ coins will :
- Only be exchanged inside on the stage with ELAD tokens and won't be accessible at any trade.
- Be a smaller than normal clone token of ELAD Crypto money
- Carry casting a ballot rights on the ELAD stage and individual properties.
Token Information
Pre-sale Start Date : July 1 st 2019
Pre-sale End Date : Sep 1 st 2019 
Minimum Private and Pre-Sale Supply : 600,000 ELAD
Token Value : 1 ETH = 1250 ELAD ==> 60% Bonus
Soft cap : 480 ETH
Maximum Private and Pre-Sale Supply : 10,000,000 ELAD Hard cap : 8,000 ETH
Maximum Transaction Amount : 250 ETH/312,500 ELAD
Minimum Transaction Amount : 0.5 ETH/625 ELAD
Accepted Payment : ETH, BTC and LTC
Main Sale
Start Date : Sep 30th 2019
End Date : Dec 15th 2019
Maximum Crowd Sale : 60,000,000 ELAD
Total sale supply : 75,000,000 ELAD
Token Price : 1 ETH = 500-833 ELAD
Minimum Transaction  : 0.5 ETH ==> 250 - 416.5 ELAD
Maximum Transaction : 1000 ETH ==> 500,000 - 833,000 ELAD

The motivation behind the Initial token deal is to construct an online stage and secure land chosen by ELAD Network property masters, all land will be offered to financial specialists through the online stage, this will expand the estimation of ELAD tokens as it fabricates a system of property.

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Re: [SALE] ELAD Network Your Token to Real Estate
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2020, 09:42:36 AM »
Yeah, it is so cool if you have several houses. But nowadays it is pretty expensive to hold all these.


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