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Author Topic: Actions of the elite traders in the Forex market  (Read 383 times)


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Actions of the elite traders in the Forex market
« on: January 27, 2020, 03:04:41 PM »
What do you think of a professional investor who is making millions of dollars every year by trading in the currency market? The common answer is - many believe they spend their day and night tirelessly staring at the chart and they are investing money every time they find an opportunity. Although this may not seem accurate because only 5% of the investors are successful. And this idea should never consolidated the mind of the beginners.
We will not try to alter the existing belief but true understanding will try to explain why spending more time is not profitable. After reading this post, the readers will understand some of the mistakes which still persist by spending precious time in analyzing the data. Remember, the times spent to rectify the mistakes are not usually count by the investors as this is a practice session.

Trading the suitable market
This is a very crucial factors that many forget while managing the fund. Imagine being hungry and wanting to eat something from the nearby restaurant. To avail something, they existent of that item need to be present at that particular time. This is not Rocket Science and a very easy explanation can help the investors to understand why the strategy will only work given the fact they are abundant resources to collect the reward.
If the market is dry and there is no money lying around, even the perfect technique will fail to execute the plan. And this is another key reason for which most of the people lose money on trading until they have no money left in the live account. Change this attitude since will only hurt the performance at the end. To become successful and rich only deposit capital when there is a sufficient amount of money. Keep this idea in mind and the performance with elevate to the next level. Stop trading the market with borrowed money and keep away from stress.

Using the trading journal
The professional Singaporean traders never use aggressive steps. The consider CFD trading as their business and stick to a strategic approach. Being a naÔve trader, you need to learn a lot about the market. After developing the basics, create a trading journal so that you donít get addicted to this market. You might feel comfortable with the digital journal available in the SaxoTraderPro platform but still, focus on the paper-based journal. If you will help you to keep track of your progress. Though the initial phase of your trading career will be challenging if you learn to manage your time efficiently, you are not going to struggle. Take a wise decision and focus on organized steps.

Spending limited time
This has been discovered that the professional spent the least amount of time in currency trading. They are aware of the dangers that come with our reading and spending more time as soon as the goal is been achieved. The strategy they use is too quickly exit as soon as the targeted to that has been made while the beginners will keep holding the profitable trades until the turn into a failure. This is a very common reason why many people cannot close their successful trade with their desired profit. Think about Bill Gates, he is not involved in selling the Microsoft software still he is the richest man on earth. This is the beauty to become a wealthy investor by having minimum contact with the sector.

Predicting the future trends
A vital feature of success is to remain busy with the market information than analyzing the current patterns. Is the volatility is affected by the information coming from reliable sources and other financial services. This is a smart technique to remain one step ahead of the competition by knowing the latest information do not get to indulge with trends as news or events can change the direction of the price movement.


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Re: Actions of the elite traders in the Forex market
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2023, 06:22:58 PM »
Okay. I will apply this strategy to my FreshForex broker tonight and hope to get some good feedback. However, I need to know if I should invest any money or if it will be free.


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