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Author Topic: [ANN][LXC][LIBREXCOIN] X11 | POW + POS | No IPO | STAKING ANDROID WALLET  (Read 2886 times)


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Librexcoin Relaunched Date: 31 July 2014 01:00 UTC

What is Librexcoin? [LXC]

Librexcoin is a fast, safe and decentralized P2P crypto currency with a true decentralized
anonymity resource, Librexcoin sources include the zerocoin library for native zerocash protocol support.

We've been working on and performing tests with a lot of anonymity resources, and then we've
been noticed that all anonymity resources have some kind of issues and or problems in part or
no decentralization of operations. Most features are really empty promises of anonymity that
doesn't work, or even worse they do not offer a minimum of anonymity but instead actually make
it easier to track. Mostly vaporware or false sense of security.

We've been working on Librexcoin for a long time and I can say for you with confidence that we have
a real solution of anonymity based on the (zerocoin/cash) library. Our project is close to being finalized,
so we decided to launch our coin.

Librexcoin is a very safe  P2P crypto currency able to support a lot of C innovative libraries that we've been
working on to facilitate mass adoption. Librexcoin going to present a real and decentralized anonymity solution
based on (zerocoin) but that is not all, we provide support for I2P and TOR network features as well. However
that said our team wants to discuss these resources with the community before to make any decision about
the implementation I2P and TOR. The reason is because some of these characteristics may complicate the
acceptance of Librexcoin by merchants if implemented. We would not want it to be unacceptable by them after
so much work and investment in the coins development.

WE have many other features and apps being developed for Librexcoin. We will continually improve and develop
the coin and it's applications. We strive for universal accpetance of Librexcoin by online and real word merchants.
We hope these developments will support the Librexcoin's value long term and usefulness as a living currency. 

The Develompment team of Librexcoin


LOGO.GIF                                                      LOGO.STD

Algorithm: X11
Total amount of coins (POW): ~10 Million coins from PoW mining + 2% yearly stake interest.
Block time: 60 seconds
Block reward schedule:
blocks 0001 - 1000:   700  LXC  //      700,000 LXC
blocks 1000 - 2000: 2500  LXC  //    2,500,000 LXC
blocks 2000 - 6000: 1500  LXC  //    6,000,000 LXC
blocks 6000 - 8640:   303  LXC  //      799,920 LXC

               Total coins POW      // = 9,999,920 LXC

Difficulty re-target: every block
Nominal stake interest: 2% annually
Min transaction fee: 0.0001 LXC (Fees are paid to miners)
Confirmations on Transactions: 10, maturity: 40
Proof-of-Stake Minimum Age: 2 hours
Proof-of-Stake Maximum Age: 8 hours
P2P port: 61778
RPC port: 61777
Premine: 0%

Proof-of-Work(POW) lasts until block 8640, or approximately 6 days.
Proof-of-Stake(POS) interest will begin generated after block 7000,
with combined PoW+PoS mining until block 8640 and pure PoS from block 8640.

Road Map:!b1gnhZxC!N07r7q1taMwQ6uptXazaIeARCOFaU4pNDVTnhMymGRY
Facebook Group:
Email: [email protected]
Gambling/Dice Site:
Faucet Site:


Android wallet beta version will be released soon...


Code: [Select]



Bounties paid and still open

Tip Bot bounty paid 5000 LXC
Spanish bounty paid 1000 LXC,

Russian bounty paid 1000LXC

Chinese awaiting.............................................................

Portuguese bounty paid 1000LXC Portuguese translation

Other services bounties (bounties range in value pm offer)

Can you offer something not listed? Please get in touch

Chinese QQ Group: 310988665

Librexcoin Relaunched!!

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to jump on board,
some of the items with a bounty available

Language translations
Merchant services

Can you offer something not listed? Please get in touch

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