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Author Topic: TeamDarkc0de™ Top 14 Alphabay Carding Guides At 20% #OpAlpha {UPDATE: 28/5/2016}  (Read 688 times)


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TeamDarkc0de™ Top 14 Alphabay Carding Guides At 20% #OpAlpha {UPDATE: 28/5/2016}

**UPDATE** : We've Added Two Guides, & We're Now Supported By ReskayLeaks!

Are you tired of bullshit scammers, redundant cashout guides and overpriced guides for the the genuine new stuff?
Well 6 of us from Alphabay have pooled together $4000 and bought several overpriced guides and services from both Alphabay and Lampedoza.

We will now sell them for a limited time, for about 3 months at 20% of the original prices , so at least some people can get a deal without saturation.

we should be scamming the banks, not each-other. These vendors are selling guides at ridiculous prices, meaning the poor won't benefit

As proof, we have made cocainecowboys guide $5, (alot less than 20%) so anyone can try us out.

This is Darkc0de's modest means of protest against the terribly run Alphabay.

We hope you enjoy.

Main Jabber Support :  *[email protected]*
Main Email Support : *[email protected]

**{UPDATE: 28/5/2016}**   
After a great few months, we have decided to stop our campaign in November, as they see to finally be cracking down on the problem. 
We would like to thank you all for the help and support. And as a thank you, We've added two final guides. 
"Sandman's Mobile Check Fraud A-Z" & the brilliant MH9's "Mobile CC Cashout - The Final Chapter" 
 both are guides that are mobile based, which is the future as far as carding is concerned. 

We hope you've enjoyed TeamDarkc0de's attempt to change the Alphabay staff's attitude to scamming and scammers. 

We hope you've benefited from what we've achieved, even if the end results haven't been much as of yet. 

Remember, you can still change that by supporting #OpAlpha until November.   
CocaineCowboy's - Personal Cocaine Production At Home Tutorial, Sources & Help 

Original Author : CocaineCowboy From Alphabay
Original Price : $60
Our Price : $5 (0.01547 Btc)


    A full working guide that shows you how to make 99% pure cocaine at home easily at around $300 per 3.5g of Cocaine HCL.

illu8's China Carding Guide

Original Author : Alvin (illu8) From Alphabay
Original Price : $150
Our Price : $30 (0.09475 Btc)


    Description :

    A working method to buy phycial goods like Iphone,xbox,TV and so on.
    This method will give you wide idea you can implement on similar websites.

Andigatel's Cybercrime UK: Virtual Carding Vol.3

Original Author
: Andigatel From Alphabay
Original Price : $200
Our Price : $40 (0.14 Btc)


     Here's what you will Learn:
    -Setting up securely/spoofing
    -How to identify cardable shops
    -Buying CC
    -Identify your CC
    -How to know how much your CC will likely go for
    -Techniques for Carding NON-VBV, Fulls, over the phone
    -Finding low risk items with high resale value + Reasoning
    -Obtaining drops / collections
    -Obtaining multiple burner phone numbers
    -Managing drops and phone numbers
    -Sourcing places/people to resell to for 60%+

     Resources included:
    -List of cardable shops + methods
    -Useful tips
    -Contact details
    -Valuable links/resources
    -Where to buy cards

NEW: Sandman's Mobile Check Fraud A-Z 

Original Author: Sandman Of Alphabay
Original Price : $250
Our Price:  $50 (0.12 Btc)


    This guide is a full length, noob(or expert) friendly cash out method with the following information, broken down step by step:

    Chapter 1 - Security
    Properly setup your security to ensure your safety, above all else.
    Chapter 2 – Dirty Money Sources
    There are many different ways to obtain dirty funds and in this chapter I will give you all my sources.
    Chapter 3 – Mobile Check Fraud
    Step by step instructions to print checks from a hacked bank account, run the check through a mobile deposit, using
    Android SDK(this section is not completed, and the price will raise when it is added), burner necessary for now.
    Chapter 4 – Your Prepaid Card
    This is not any Ingo or any of the burnt mobile deposit to prepaid solution.
    This prepaid card is simple to obtain and accepts  mobile deposits through their app, not 3rd party,
     therefore the chance of a check getting declined is minimal.
    Chapter 5 – Mobile Check Deposit
    Step by step instructions to safely deposit checks into your prepaid account..

**Our Experience**
We have been *Cleaning up**  with this method since we started to getting into banks over Paypal. we still run my Paypal MM's like clockwork, but this is an added way to make HUGE amounts of Cash, around $500/day (not BTC) in very little time, as long as your have the proper setup!

Pokers Guy's Poker Cashout Guide

Original Author : Poker Guy
Original Price : $90
Our Price $18  (0.05647 Btc)

Link :

    Description:  One of best guides out there for newbies.

    The guide consists of 59 pages of pure knowledge. You will learn how to card an online poker room (and probably not only poker rooms),
    how their security systems work and how to move the money with 100% success from an account to another in order to cashout the money.
    Methods for Carding and cashout money with the same account are included too.

Jacky78 Carding Amazon Guide 

Original Author : Jacky78 of Alphabay
Original Price : $500
Our Price : $100 (0.3160 Btc)

Link :


    This is the first legit guide on how to successfully card Amazon.
    What that means is that after reading this guide, you will be able to card Amazon yourself!
    I will tell you in my guide which cards to buy, how to use them and most importantly how to bypass Amazon anti-fraud system.

    As you all know, Amazon is one of the toughest website to card. Not anymore.

    As a bonus, I will tell you how to card Amazon and get paid in bitcoin, without ever needing to find a drop and fence your carded items.
    That means that if you card a $300 item, which will be no issue after reading my guide, you will get paid that amount within 3-4 days in bitcoin!

    I guarantee the ROI (Return On Investment) within a couple of weeks.
    That means that I am 100% sure you will make more than $500 in less than two weeks (one week for the best "students"!).
    My first customer made about $1 000 in two weeks after applying my method and he was just getting started, which means he's making more now.

Moka's Known Exposure

Original Author : Moka of Alphabay
Original Price: $190
Our Price : $38 (0.1201 Btc)


File Pass : mokamkb

    Description :
    Moka advanced paypal cashout guide.

Moka's The Four Horsemen Full Latest Version
Original Author : Moka
Original Price : $190
Our Price : $35 (0.1108 Btc)

Link :

Description :

    This listing is for the most recent edition of The Four Horsemen : Blackhat Business Intelligence.
    This book as well as its successor JungleMoney were two of the most popular, sought after titles on the Evolution Marketplace.
    It's often considered the definitive guide for eCommerce fraud.

Bank Drop Creating Guide V2

Original Author: Battalion Of Alphabay
Original Price: $200
Our Price : $40 (0.1266 Btc)

Link :

    Description :
    This guide is a MUST HAVE for newbies but i belive other members could and will profit from this.
    I belive that every fraudster needs a bank drop, either for payment processors, moving funds, or other stuff.


Original Author: GOD
Original Price: $150
Our Price: 0.09486


    Description :
    In a few months, Ally Bank enforces its new security and it wont be that good anymore.
    Accounts get blocked randomly with no reason at any time already, and it's not safe to do business with.
    This is a guide where you will learn workarounds for any and every one of those issues.

Obtain Unlimited Scan Files 

Original Seller: Desnake of Alphabay
Original Price : $200
Our Price: $40 (0.1258 Btc)

Link :

    Description :
    You will always need scan and proof for verification.
    A clever idea about how you can unlimited scans, id carts, and even more.
    Just by being clever you won't need to pay $1 more for buying scan you will obtain Original scans from any country.

NEW: MH9's Mobile CC Cashout - The Final Chapter {500-900$ per day}
Original Author : MH9 {MountainHigh9}
Original Price: ~ $785
Our Price: ~ $157 (0.3698 Btc)



**NOTE**: (This guide is now out of stock on AB, We Bought The Last Copy Sold By MountainHigh9 On 2/17/2016 For $785.
He Only Sold 5 Copies, So We're Extermely Lucky To Have It. You Can View The Orginal Listing Here: http://stbux7lrtpegcra2.onion/listing.php?id=12296)


BannedBook's Carding University (Live Tutoring Screen Captured

Original Seller:
Bannedbooks of Alphabay
Original Price: $550
Our Price : $110 (0.3460 Btc)


     You will be receiving:

  • Most of my methods, knowledge, experience and tips will be disclosed to students.
  • Private guides of my authoring.
  • Advanced Carding security and Stop using vip72. That's killing your *******!
  • Private Contact list and private sites and tools will be shared exclusively.


Ultra-888s Carding Lessons (Live Tutoring Screen Captured + Guides)

Original Author : Ultra-888 of lampedoza
Original Price: ~ $1000
Our Price: ~ $200 (0.6290 Btc)

Link :

    Description :
    Glad to introduce You to my new service of Carding Lessons.


    Carding stuff from shops
    Carding Paypal funds and cashing them out
    Cashout via merchant account


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