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Author Topic: Bullion ecosystem verified by world-renowned auditors  (Read 101 times)


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  • Bullion ecosystem verified by world-renowned auditors
    « on: November 28, 2019, 01:16:34 PM »
    RIMS-B is a token offered on the RIMS platform to Pay Minters. These offer numerous benefits on the network and is backed by gold and company equity. The following are the steps to become a Pay Minter or a RIMS-B token holder:

    •   Produce token-purchase application with the required documents.
    •   Pay your funds to escrow after initial online KYC/AML and PCS vetting.
    •   Token application will be declined if there is Negative KYC/AML and PCS.
    •   Tokens are issued with 70% backed by physical gold. A verification certificate is provided by renowned audit firms.
    •   The remaining 30% of the token value is backed by the equity of RIMS Network.
    •   Escrows are released to RIMS Network. RIMS-B tokens are issued to the token buyers.

    Be a part of the RIMS network to earn from your bullion now!


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