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Author Topic: TenX, a debit card related token  (Read 125 times)


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TenX, a debit card related token
« on: November 17, 2019, 04:08:21 PM »
TenX was founded in 2015. With the hard work of it's founders, the product was created from scratch, and had the aim to be a card, that would let you spend cryptocurrencies, in real time. TenX, is not just a card, that lets you spend crypto. It wants to make a transition from old money, to new programmable money. With programmable money, the user has full control, is getting educated, and he is fully protected. The TenX payment system, consists of the Tenx wallet, that can hold many cryptocurrencies, and the TenX card, that can be used in almost 200 countries, with over 42 million transaction points worldwide.

There are three types of money, in existence, Cash money, is a public payment infrastructure, that anyone can do transactions, in the physical world. Cash allows full ownership. Digital money, is the money, in your bank account. It does not come with ownership, as it always require an intermediary, to manage the money, on the customer's behalf, and impacts day to day efficiency as well as potential. Programmable money, also known, as cryptocurrencies, where all the above problems, are solved, by giving full ownership and control, as well as allowing access, anytime, anywhere, and in a border-less manner.

TenX, allows users to spend supported cryptocurrencies, using a TenX card that is paired with a TenX wallet. The TenX wallet, is a mobile application, that can be downloaded on an iOS, or Android device. The TenX card, can be ordered from the TenX wallet, by eligible users. The card works via a tap, swipe or chip and pin at more than 42 million terminals all over the world. The merchant, at the transaction point receives payment in the local currency. Since 2019, the wallet has been built with React Native, that allows, over the air, updates.

To apply for the TenX card, a user must pass a Know Your Customer verification process. When this process, is completed, a card is sent to the user's physical address. Then the card, is linked with the wallet App, and will be ready to be used. With the wallet, a user can select a cryptocurrency, to use for the current transaction. Users, can select to receive a notification, at every payment, and lock and unlock the card at will.
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  • Re: TenX, a debit card related token
    « Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 11:20:45 AM »
    I remember their ICO. Something like $34M USD raised in 7 minutes...
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