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Author Topic: #honeypays #Scam. Honeypays they will ripp you your life investment  (Read 305 times)


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 It happens to me please   Honey Pays is a scam .   These people are not ready i even learnt they said Social media didn't make them so it cant bring them them.   They will block you once you start Exposing thier scam activities  These people are cheating... Before i proceed viewers should know thier company dont have online /social media presence... What a funny financial company.... This is what will happen if you invest. “After investing in their cheating company and the maturity date is complete.” by Expose  After investing in their cheating company and the maturity date is complete. They will keep posting you until you are tired of calling them. They wont pay the dues and will start giving complains to investors.. One month two months after maturity... Also their company wont bear the overdue dates and pay more than the agreed amount. Everyone should please beware and stop investing in this company they dont fulfill what they promise.. They are cheating investors.  I am waiting until when they will run away or perhaps made millions and billions from the investors may be after two years that your investment is matured they will remember to pay  Please tell every one so that they wont fall victim of honeypays micro credit scam… Its pure scam


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