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Author Topic: Would you trust identification on Blockchain if it was permissionless and decen?  (Read 90 times)


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Personal Information on being collected, should be destroyed as soon as it is no longer required. Not only would this protect privacy, it would also improve security. If personal information is only collected when absolutely necessary, it is less likely to fall into the wrong hands. If it is destroyed when it is no longer required, it is less likely to become incorrect and out of date. But that also brings about another issue of recollection of data again. With such recurring processes, it is likely that data leaks may occur.

The Snowden revelations brought to the public, knowledge that most of our personal data is collected in an indiscriminate manner by the governments. Sometimes we may have a choice,and sometimes we don't really have a choice if we want to be law abiding citizens. Does this means we need to trade off our privacy in return to be law abiding?

Any data protection law has to limit such mass surveillance or "dragnet" surveillance as it contravenes the principles of necessity , purpose limitation. 

When such is the case Do you think we can harness the power of blockchain by having a identity layer which will satisfy both needs, the authorities need to carry out verification in a safe way and for the citizens to be sure that their data is not misused?

The majority of democratic countries have recognized that privacy is a fundamental human right which needs to be protected. Hence putting this very right to jeopardy makes no sense.

Blockchain ,Privacy and Identity go hand in hand. Which can help achieve end goals for everyone securely , accurately and safely. I have been researching blockchains that enable this.


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