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« on: July 31, 2014, 11:47:57 PM » offers a trading platform as well as the possibility of mining BTC (BitCoin) without its own hardware. You can not only benefit, but can also speculate on the price of GHS (GigaHash). If you are interested in mining and trading BTC and do not have your own hardware, is the right choice.

We will be talk here about mining of BTC with a purchased GHS.
Once you buy a GHS, you immediately started mining BitCoins. This page is linked to the largest pool of the world . After confirming, the block will automatically be added to the reward on For mined BTC you can buy more mining power. So it is absolutely not necessary to buy any hardware, when you want begin with BTC mining.

Recently, there was added a feature that allows you to export GHS to the form of vouchers. By this you can sell your mining power for real currency on auction portals as Aukro or Ebay.

So what to do, so i can start mining !?
It's that simple. Sign up using this link
After successful registration you can log into your account at We recommend to create an email on!

After logging in you will see at the top of the screen the following options:
- Trade - This is the main page, here you can buy or sell GHS
- Balance - Here you have the addresses of all wallets, account status and all history of mining, payments, purchase / sale of GHS etc..
- Referral Program - It's probably obvious, you'll find your ref. banners, promo lines, BBCode and a  list of your referrals.
- Redeem Hardware - info about hardware
- FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions
- Support - Support
- - Clicking on this you go directly to the pool

You start by clicking on the Balance and soon you will see your first BTC newly generated address for your account on At this address, send your BTC so you can buy your first GHS !!
Once your  BTC arrives, start buying GHS.

How to Buy GHS?
All trades, with BTC or GHS or other Coins, are made on Trade. You can see the current price of the GHS and you can enter your orders for the purchase or sales of GHS.

Buying you make on the site TRADE. when Moving below, simply select the number of GHS and how much you want to pay for 1 GHS (of course you dont have to buy 1 GHS, you can trade from 0.00000001 GHS). In the table Sell Orders and column Price per GHS you always see the current price for 1 GHS.
After buying GHS you start immediately mine and benefit !

You can follow the progress of mining in the pool Clicking on the link in the account of CEX.IO for automatic log on to the pool. You see here except mining also your current performance, the share of mining and payment. The payment of a CEX.IO automatically deducts 3% fee for maintenance of the purchased hardware.


You reinvest your mined BTC once per day for the purchase of additional mining capacity. Of course it is worth at least the first few months of gettingg BTC on external sites, because the purchase of the GHS is important to raise as much as possible, to mining capacity increased faster (the more you earn, the more you can reinvest again and the more you earn !).
So the point is to overcome the first few months, then you are relishing the daily production, which you can very easily converted into dollars !

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How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) Passive Income !!
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2014, 05:14:36 AM »
How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) Passive Income !!

How can a person in this time make a Bitcoin ?

I tried this and it worth it !!

100 USD i changed on bitcoins and send to CEX.IO , divide them and gradually buy GHS for small price, which i subsequently sell for high price. Then i reinvest 40% from profit and the rest i save or change for money.

If price of GHS drops and selling is not worth, i let my GHS mining as a permanent asset, which is generating another BITCOINS whith which i can trade. Today i got profit 0.9 BTC a month and still growing.

Advanced strategies and steps for CEX.IO you find here: HERE

Next i use where I apply the same principle.

Next is where is possible buying of GHS or KHS for many currencies just on 24 hours, And for exchange of BTC and other currencies i use LocalBitcoin

If you choose, you'll be my referrals, I am willing to provide free advices on your mail. Email me at [email protected]

If you want earn an extra Bitcoins for free go here: Websites to Earn Free Bitcoins !

And if you want another tutorial about how to mine bitcoin or absolutely for begginers you find it: HERE

If you wanna support me just take your 5 seconds and click on my link thank you :) -


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