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Author Topic: Swapping process is done! Advantages of swapping, reasons  (Read 40 times)


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Swapping process is done! Advantages of swapping, reasons
« on: October 22, 2019, 02:12:39 PM »
As you may have heard, the Titan blockchain has been upgraded to the X21s mining technology, which means titan project is now officially in the mining phase.

The swapping of old titan coins to the new blockchain is nearly completed. We have instructed all the exchanges, where titan coin is listed, to replace the old coins with new ones and send back the old coins to the burn address.

What is swapping?

Swapping is the process in which a coin is shifted from one blockchain to another.

Since Titan has been upgraded to a more advanced and energy-efficient blockchain based on X21s technology, all the old titan coins will soon stop working or having any value. This is why all the old coins must be swapped with the new coins on the new blockchain.
Coinexchange, Southxchange and Crex24 have performed swap. Others exchanges are still performing swapping process.

How do you swap titan coin?

If you havenít already swapped your titan coins, you can do it now by following the steps below:

1.Create a new desktop wallet account on the titan website(
2.Open your old wallet where you currently hold your titan coins
3.Request your exchange or swap partner to swap the coins
4.Enter the number of coins you wish to swap
5.Enter the current wallet address and the new desktop wallet address

The swapping will be performed instantly or may take some time, depending on the exchange. All the old coins will be burnt and will have no value in the market, so we request all our partners to swap their coins as soon as possible.

Still wondering why titan is swapping? Here are some reasons and benefits.

The earlier (original) blockchain of titan was created to provide the base for the creation of the titan coin. It allowed users to buy and stake titan coins, which led to the staking of coins.

But now that the project is in mining phase, in order to be able to allow the mining of new titan coins, we need a secure and efficient blockchain mining system which can offer profitability to the miners. Enter the new X21s algorithm.

This is why Titan has been upgraded to the x21s technology, to ensure that mining is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Now, to make sure that all the titan coins continue to work and have value, we needed to swap all of them to the new, upgraded blockchain. This is why titan is swapping the old coins with new ones, in a 1:1 ratio and will burn all the old coins once the swapping process is finished.

Withdrawal from exchanges will open soon!

Once the swapping process completes and the new coins are added to the exchange/wallet accounts of all titan coin holders, the withdrawal from exchanges will be reinstated.

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