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Author Topic: [ANN] - Altcoin dice game - Accepting 35+ alts - Provably Fair  (Read 1171 times)


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Come join us at the new and improved Altdice multicoin dice casino at !

The games are provably fair like always with a 98% expected payout. currently runs on the blockchain only. We will add an offchain version of the dice game to the new website very soon !

We believe that everybody should have the ability to play at with the cryptocurrency of their choice. Making that possible for them to do so has been a goal for us for a long time. Bitcoin is becoming more and more the currency of choice to many including Societies Elite. We want to offer the same exact thrills that you could expect to experience at Bitcoin gaming sites such as Satoshi Dice but to everyone. Regardless of whether you're rich or poor, you can always come to and wager with your coins of various value because Altdice aims to provide you with the largest selection of cryptocoins in the industry.

Altdice was formed in August 2013, and has ran successfully ever since. We kept adding more and more Altcoins to our ever expanding platform over time. Our ultimate goal is to continue to add as many different Altcoins as we can. We have the ability to virtually add any one of them that is out there, so let's do it !  :)

You can also bet using multiple game addresses per single transaction.

Our game currently supports 36 different Altcoins :
(All of them will be available to play inside our new offchain game as well)

- Litecoin dice :
- Infinitecoin dice :
- Zetacoin dice :
- Dogecoin dice :
- Fluttercoin dice :
- I0coin dice :
- Ixcoin dice :
- Netcoin dice :
- Cryptogenic Bullion dice :
- Phoenixcoin dice :
- Mintcoin dice :
- Noblecoin dice :
- Megacoin dice :
- Mooncoin dice :
- Unioncoin dice :
- Leafcoin dice :
- Quarkcoin dice :
- Mazacoin dice :
- Penguincoin dice :
- Litebar dice :
- Bonus dice :
- IncaKoin dice :
- Legendarycoin dice :
- Bitstar dice :
- Orbitcoin dice :
- Denarius dice :
- Limecoin dice :
- Libertycoin dice :
- Friendshipcoin dice :
- Hyper dice :
- Jackpotcoin dice :
- Failcoin dice :
- Latinumcoin dice :
- Electroncoin dice :
- Rubycoin dice :
- Quatloo dice :

We still have plenty of updates about the new website, along with plenty of more surprises to come !
Also, we will implement some very unique content once the offchain version is finally released. Please stay tuned for what is coming !
Follow Us on Twitter :

Feel free to ask for support (if needed) on this thread. We have nothing to hide.  :)
Many thanks for reading this update, we wish for you to have lots of endless fun at and most of all, we wish our players to have only the best of luck when you're playing at !


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