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Author Topic: [ANN] Womencoin (WOMEN) | POS 6% Staking Rate | Promoting Global Women's Causes  (Read 583 times)


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Last updated 10-19-2019
The Womencoin: Promoting Causes for Women All Over the World
From a developer with a reputation for creating successful revenue generating projects.

WOMENCOIN is a PoS-based cryptocurrency.

Hard Fork, mandatory update schedule
hard fork will be occur at block high 650,000

untill 650000                = 1000%
block 650000 - 749999 = 100%
block 750000 - 849999 = 36%
block 850000 - 999999 = 12%
block 1000000 - forever = 6%
Max Supply raised to 90 Billion

It's important to upgrade to the new wallet, you can find all wallets and information here:


Windows wallet:
2. New MAC wallet:

Recent updates

The website is finally online!
Please let us know what you think about it! :=)

We got added to

About Womencoin

Womencoin was created in 2018, as a coin with a mission to empower women around the world. The goal is to provide a means for women to come together under a single branded coin, and use the coin to further the causes for women, wherever it is needed around the world.

Coin details

Algorithm:          Scrypt
Type:          PoW/PoS
RPC port:          19208
P2P port:          19207
Block reward:   150 coins
Max coin supply:   90000000000 coins
Premine percent:   0.00012%
Premine amount:   3000000 coins
PoS percentage:   6% per year
Last PoW block:           block 20000
Coinbase maturity:   19 blocks
Target spacing   :      64 seconds
Target timespan:   1 block
Transaction confirmations:   7 blocks
Blockexplorer:  (new explorer online since 27-7-2018)
Coin Indexes:






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There are more than enough buy orders on all the exchanges to buy up the entire circulating supply of Womencoin. Therefore, the trading price of Womencoin cannot be dumped to zero. The trading price will be set at this point by traders and investors.
If anyone wants to dump their Womencoins, then there are enough buy orders on the exchanges to do so.


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Dont miss out on the Womencoin Airdrops and other coin giveaways. happening right now.  There is a Womencoin airdrop challenge happening right now.


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