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« on: October 11, 2019, 12:27:14 AM »
The need for awareness and promotion is a gaping hole in many cryptocurrency projects today. Finding the right advertising agency and the right strategy to marketing is essential in this aspect. You see, it will be a grave error to market a social media dapp the same way you would market a cryptocurrency betting platform. This is where development of a marketing strategy is crucial to project success.

Asides this, overall website, social media and project evaluations is important because these first hand presentations affect the judgement of Investors. Some amazing projects have weak social media structure and watery website designs, not to talk of absent SEO. They also do not have any way to recapture bounced investors from their platform.
This is where we come in...

Coinvasity is  a digital marketing agency and a blockchain resource database. With thousands of followers on our social media platforms we are well positioned to promote and market your services to the cryptocurrency public. Below are some of the services we provide to our clients.

1. Project analysis and market evluations
2. SEO
3. Email marketing to 7k verified crypto investors curated from past projects and 430k bounty hunter list
4. Promotion via tweets on our 12k cryptocurrency twitter account (Over 300 retweets) and an anonymous retweet from a crypto celebrity with 100k followers.
5. 2D and Whiteboard animation services
6. Youtube channel with verified 5.2k crypto subscribers with an average of 1k views per video
7. Discord server with 1300 members.
8. Motion Graphics for your project
9. Russian and Chinese Translation
10. Whitepaper Creation and Development

Send us a message on twitter  - and let us draw up a solution to your platform's visibility.

P.S, Project analysis and evaluation is COMPLETELY FREE!


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