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Author Topic: Looking for (2) Vietnam Community Manager (Fulltime in HCMC)  (Read 486 times)


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Looking for (2) Vietnam Community Manager (Fulltime in HCMC)
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:37:21 AM »
we are a new exchange, focus on Chinese and Vietnamese market

We have an office in vietnam

180 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai,Ward 6,Q3,Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam

Now we want to hire some local people, fluent in Vietnamese and English or Chinese

And we are good friend with Huobi exchange

This our webiste

Chinese assistant  1
Salary around  700~800 usd
Job requirements:
Translation and accompanying for business cooperation meetings.
Responsible for the overall work of the office under the leadership of the general manager, try to be a good adviser and assistant to the general manager, play the role of connecting the preceding and the following, and earnestly provide all-round services.
Responsible for the arrangement/implementation/inspection/supervision /implementation of specific management work according to instructions.
Responsible for drafting, organizing and backup of all kinds of documents.
Assisted in improving the human resource structure of the company, and completed the daily recruitment of human resources.
Improve the company performance appraisal system.
Customer service       
Salary around 700~800 usd
Job requirements:
Timely deal with various problems in online consultation/sales/after-sales service and other links;
Compile and file customer service standards, summarize problems, update FAQ, optimize customer service workflow and customer satisfaction.       
1/ careful and patient, good at communication
2/ Chinese is preferred 

Salary around 700~800 usd
Responsible for the user addition and fission in the initial stage of the launch of digital currency exchange, focusing on service users and improving user retention.
Planned marketing activities and took charge of the theme/copywriting of the activities. I was sensitive enough to the hot issues of current affairs, and could complete the planning and writing of hot topics to improve the positive exposure of the brand.
Responsible for the establishment and active transformation of the exchange community.
In charge of daily activities and content operation of Facebook, twitter and telegram.

If someone is interested in it , please feel free to connect me

Dawns Xu

[email protected]

Wechat ID:ixx1020
Telegram: Dawnsxu
Facebook : dawnsxu
Twitter : dawnsxu
Linkedin: dawnsxu


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