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Author Topic: Airdrop Get 80 $COSCOS now, just listed on BINANCE / NO KYC NEEDED  (Read 129 times)


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Yeah as the title says, this might be on of the best airdrop right now that you do not want to miss... register here :

Go to :

without ref (You don't get 80 $COSCOS)

1. Click on Details in Task box

2. Enter your email and pass to register

3. Verify your account through email

That is it if you go to my account you would have received 80 worth of $COSCOS if you used my ref link

Now in my account, you need to verify your account and this is only done with Telegram, you will launch it's Telegram bot, and it will give you a link to open it.. and that's it your account is now eligible to withdraw the tokens

Minimum amount to withdraw is 200 TOKENS (You need to invite at least 4 new users to reach it)

Withdraw is processed within 30 days to your erc0 compatible Ethereum address.. but users have gotten the tokens within 12 hours after withdrawing:


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